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    Wheelchair Lighting (Self-Contained Power)

    I'm in very much the same situation, the reflective strips are damn good, you can get wide and narrow ones at almost any auto supply store. wrap around handles, on/around wheel spokes etc. is your friend willing/able to handle a 3 piece "flag pole" make of segmented tent poles and "shock...
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    replacement bulbs

    I'm looking to buy a couple of replacement bulbs for my Legend LX, I prefer to buy localy (with Candlepower dealers a close second) if I can, and a equivilency chart showing what bulbs are the same as what other bulbs would be handy as well.
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    **** Anderson is extreamly anti gun (insert typical Anderson "big *****" comment here) I worked around the edge of the show (the knife shop where they got his SAK, London Cutlery, Vancouver, British Columbia.), he also has a incredibly huge ego. we won't mention him walking into the shop and...
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    Stupid Chicken Pluckers

    animal cruelty is sickening, but we are talking PETA here, a group with credibilty lower than the honesty level of your average presidential candidate. and thats considering I won't eat KFC anymore since I got 3 meals in a row (over 2 monthes) that were undercooked.
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    My First Mod... (I hope)

    I got dragged off to a Bead Show by my Wife, Girlfriend and Mistress (thats how they refer to themselves to embarrass me) this last weekend, and they came across some small quasi transparent carved figures (opalite?) and wanted to know how they would look lit from below. wife askes for a...
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    Legal flashlight length

    never trust a LEO with a legal question, there job isin't to interpret the law, but to enforce it. the example about knives a while back was very good, I once asked 4 LEO's in the same office if my belt folder knife was legal, I got 4 differnt oppinions. (1 yes, 2 no, one "damedifiknow") I once...
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    Satellite Radio

    we just started getting Sirius (music only) over our DISH sat service, we love it, less nattering by DJ's who think they are witty would be nice, but much less than your average broadcast radio.
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    Problems with Eddie Bauer Lighter from Target

    thats what I keep in the cars, just buy a 4 or 6 pack of bics or scriptos and into the car and bag (I also have a zippo with extra flints and a large bottle of fluid in a ziplock in the BOB)
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    maybe OT

    hmmm, I wonder what would happen if we tried to make change for each other......
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    2pak of MiniMag at Target $6.97 -- bogus

    untill they post an retraction in a public forum, they have to honour the printed price, and if you offer cash and they refuse to sell it to you you get it for free (all debts public and private), these are both common law going way back to before the revolution. (American Common Law evolved...
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    Tech TV features Flashlights Tonight

    just tuned into it, first I've heard of this G4TV stuff (shows you how much I watch it anymore) 2 women gabbling like geese so fast I had to bring up the CC to figure out what they were saying... has it gone totaly to Gamers now? (I remember when it was gamers and Day Traders, thats when I Quit...
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    Armored bulldozer rampage: How would you have stopped it?

    Re: Armored bulldozer rampage: How would you have the tracks are always the weak points on any tracked vehicle. take out the track with a vehicle (IE: other bulldozer), throw the track and he ain't going no where. ever see a tank spin on ice?
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    stupid mail person

    make that 3 in a row. I've complained about several mail people (public and private) who do a lousy job, but I also go out of my way to commend people who do well or especialy above and beyond. (The FedEx driver who brought the 20 inch trinitron monitor all the way into my computer room when...
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    Close call with the cops...

    considering the attatudes of far to many cops nowadays, it's a wonder they didn't just shoot you and say they saw you pointing something at them, and they would have been right in this case too. I wonder how what you did would have looked on a dash cam up till just before you turned on the...
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    maybe OT

    I don't think "measure twice, cut once" applied in this case. sounds like me, I can measure something 3 times, lay out the cut line with a T-square, have someone else check it, cut right on the line with high quality tools and it will still be 2-3 inches off.