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  • Hi AW !
    Can you make a switch like this, but no soft start, just to replace the standard MAG switch, to make possible to drive a SST 90 LED at full 10 A, (of course, adding a driver beyond this switch) ?
    Hallo AW.

    I cannot figure out right now how to post to both you and SilverFox, so I am writing separate messages.

    I almost replied to your forum message, but then noticed that I had a private message from SilverFox who offered to disassemble the remains and try to figure out what really happened.

    To my thinking, the offer from SilverFox is a better option for you and for CPF members than for me to take it apart. My University work would delay any investigation until at least Wednesday. Worse, I do not have a photo site, so I would probably send the photos to another CPF member to post in the forum. In any case as I already said, I have never taken apart an RCR123 cell with protection. So I would be operating in a double discovery mode. Not good.

    I believe the most expeditious process would be for me to send the P1D with the vented battery as I currently have it to SilverFox to disassemble and provide his opinion and photos. OK?

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