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    Cheers to Members of Candlepowerforums

    "Here's lookin' at you Kit"
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    Single or dual mode LED lights—in addition to Surefire?

    IF I understand your question correctly, most of the lights I carry and use are in that category. The two lights spending the most time in my pockets the past couple of years, and upon which I depend most heavily, are from ASP and Elzetta (alphabetically). What you're looking for is pretty...
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Yeah, there's both fear mongering, and cheer mongering that goes on. If you ask me, I think there's just way too much 'mongering' in general, from all the mongerers!
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Good questions, and I don't know the labor side of the equation at all, but was rather entirely focused (personally) on the big screen grab on that page from the broadcast storyline "Diesel Prices Impacting Trucking Companies", and the link below it "Rapid Rise in Diesel Prices Squeezing...
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    This should help with our 'supply chain' issues. Yes, it certainly is more than just about a 'pandemic'. There's an epidemic of stupidity fueling this 'issue' too:
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    Anyone know if a D25C2 will run on Li-ion?

    Good on ya! For some of us, size really does matter (every mm), and that's good performance in a minimal form factor. Good comparison photos too! If you still dig it in a week or two, you might want to consider picking up a second for loss/theft insurance while you have a source, as those will...
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    Anyone add a motor to a bicycle?

    Given my career, I'm of course a very 'E-' kind of guy in general, but those old classic 'mopeds' from back in the day are certainly looking better and better to me.
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    why so much hate towards electric cars?

    As people who 'rushed in' to the market discover they don't 'work for them' and sell them, and others look to the used market to find a way to afford to buy one, let's just say if you're in the market for a used one, better have a VERY good PDI done on these first! PDI may now (more than ever)...
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    why so much hate towards electric cars?

    (This ain't about 'hate', but I'll post it here for lack of a better place. This issue was already posted elsewhere, but figure it deserves a mention in this thread) Well, 'whoda thunk'?:) ...or, like the old Jim Nabors line: "Surprise surprise!" Cars in / from hurricane-prone areas have...
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    Can you get Incan p60 drop ins?

    :). I'd checked out the Seraph(s), but my brain couldn't connect that byk! A comma would have done it for me, but I should have had it anyway. In my defense, I was operating on a very serious sleep deficit, and that combined with my current age doesn't work well. If I was still doing 12-hour...
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    Dogs, like cats, are BORN 'tactical'. They don't need any gear! (although some protective / harness gear, etc. is in order). The canines are the easier of the two to work with in the field, of course:)
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    Anyone know if a D25C2 will run on Li-ion?

    So, did you cop that thing? Since you said 'old stock', I assume those are the 'original' release - (apparently) not to be confused with what is ostensibly a new(er) version, which the U.S. distributor I use is currently stocking...
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    Maglite lego 1xAAA mini thrower?

    @Chicken Drumstick : I stopped by the ML site, and I had mistaken something. Apparently there aren't as many models that fit that bill as I'd thought, with most coming in at ~4.8x1", which is a bit larger than what I normally carry. My most used lights are generally 1xcr123A sized and are...
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    Maglite lego 1xAAA mini thrower?

    I have no answers about what 'makes ML tick' (although @bykfixer probably has somewhat of a handle on it), however I too am a user of a lot of lights specifically in the 'pocket friendly' size category. One thing I have noted in recent history however is that they have begun to offer more...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Thanks - just wondering. A conclusive post-mortem is likely near impossible, and in any case would almost certainly be ill-advised to even attempt, so we'll likely never know. The thing that really matters here is that it only resulted in a failed light and an inconvenience to you, with no...