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    Most carried light, only 1.

    HDS Rotary
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    HDS Rotary, and Surefire T1A
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    List Your Favorite Light You Have Had For More Than 2 Years Than You Use Nightly

    I carry a few lights nightly; HDS Rotary (EDC), Fury, T1A (EDC), and Beta QRv2 on my key ring. I'd like to rotate the Fury with the P1R, but the aggressive bezel on the P1R keeps it sitting on the dresser. Wish I could find a smooth bezel option for the P1R. BTW, I have 1" shrink tubing on...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Congrats! I bet it won't be your last. ... :thumbsup::thumbsup: The two PITA' been looking out the window, cause they have a bunch of stuff coming in from Chewy. Dang kids, no wonder I'm always ... :broke: I just got my second Prometheus back up split keychain thing-a-ma-jig. Best split...
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    PSA: FDA updates on hand sanitizers consumers should not use

    Thanks, for the heads up! ... :thumbsup:
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    PSA: FDA updates on hand sanitizers consumers should not use

    If you go to the bottom of the page, you can do a manual check, or type the product name, to see if it is on their problem / should not use list.
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    DQG Fairy story

    I agree, fun read. Thanks for sharing! ... :thumbsup:
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    Pocketable Thrower w/ Minimal Spill?

    LX2 would be a good one. Good luck on your search! Pops
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    What model Surefire?

    It's the one they showed at SHOT, but no one could see it. ... :thumbsup:
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    Original Surefire Titan

    My T1A is, and has been part of my EDC for years. Love this light! However, nevur thought about modding it.
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    Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Big D, and to all of CPF as well. I'll be working into the Man Upstairs' Birthday. Carrying my HDS Rotary, then selecting either one of three Surefire's I have in my Briefcase. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! Pops
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    Question re. Part in Fury

    Thanks! I was hoping it was something simple, and not try to overthink it! ... :thumbsup:
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    Question re. Part in Fury

    I read about this part in a post, but can't seem to find it. What is the thin flat (what looks like a) washer, located between the head and body? After cleaning the light, I turned the light on, and only got the high mode. OK, took the Fury apart (head, body and tail cap) and found I'd...
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    How difficult was it to remove the head on a G2X Pro? Does it have red loctite on the thread similar to the Fury? Reason for asking is, well, the G2x I purchased has a green tint to it. If it's easy, I would like to swap the head with my 6PX, which has a nicer tint. Thanks! Pops I did...
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    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    I've carried various HDS's in a kydex holster since late 2011. Surefire T1A with my keys for quite awhile, till I picked up Jason's Beta going on quite a few years. I carry the T1A on a suspension clip in 511's front knife pocket. Also have thoughs free button lights with the Jeep key. Jeez...