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    Is there a way to tell what the brightness bid of an led is?

    There's no apparent difference because the bins are made in the same process unless you have the equipment to remove the LED and drive it at a constant current in an integrating sphere. They don't make bins separately. They make a bunch of XM-L2s and then they test them (that's the binning...
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    How Full is Your Glass?

    "Straight ballin son!!!"
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    The worlds most popular EDC

    Things I don't see use the LED flash as a flashlight doing that a dedicated light can do as well anytime soon: -Throw . Till someone invents a way to directly shape the beam (and I want flying cars first :devil:) a reflector or lens takes real estate that doesn't fit the ergonomics of a phone...
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    Does weight matters?

    Generally with lights I am of the less is more group. There are lights where extra thermal mass makes sense but for the most part don't need to "blot out the sun." Balance matters but generally the only clue to that would be a review. Nothing about a listed weight tells me how they...
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    18650 brand variation and differences, why?

    Flashlights make light... why do we see so many variations and differences. Why does GM make anything besides one model? Aside from the protection circuit differences there are plenty of reasons to have different performing cells even from the same manufacturer. They supply them to different...
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    $11 single AA/14500 XPG R5 450 lumen flashlight ??? - review link added

    Re: $11 single AA/14500 XPG R5 450 lumen flashlight ??? An R5 binned XP-G lists a calculated 348 minimum lumens at 1 Amp (with a typical forward voltage of 3,15.) Many budget lights claim emitter lumens (What's right there coming off the emitter as opposed to what actually comes out the...
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    Poll... light reflective outer wear Yes or No

    I don't prefer reflective material as a rule so it's a no. It's useful. I tend to prefer more muted tones in much of my clothing so unless the use is specifically one where I would always want to have it I avoid it. I do have a number of reflective belts that can easily be slung over a...
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    Samsung S3 Galaxy battery vents with flame, ka-booms in woman's pocket...

    Chris - If there was any snarkiness it was strictly aimed at the MSM. They love to play to fear and our generally bad ability to assess risks because it gets attention...which means viewers and readers. It WOULD suck to have a phone rapidly combust in a pocket. It would suck to get hit by a...
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    Samsung S3 Galaxy battery vents with flame, ka-booms in woman's pocket...

    Looking at Sales numbers just for the S3 they'd surpassed 40 million phones sold in Jan of this year with over 100 million total S series phones sold. Obviously it's not a complete report of all phones sold that may have had a rapid burning of the battery with serious results. What info the...
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    Xml-2 direct drive on 2 primaries?

    A little bit of test data (admittedly with a small sample size of 1) gives some insight past the assumptions. From another forum the bond wires of an XM-L2 (mounted on copper Sinkpad with good heatsinking) fried over 8A (about 5.3C draw on 123s). At that point it's only got a Vf of 4.2 volts...
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    4 XPG in parallel driven by 2.8A driver possible ?

    You'd need to get more than half the total current going to one of the LEDs. That's likely to take one LED below typical Vf and the other 3 all being very high. Unlikely you'll end up with that condition. There's less of a difference between typical and maximum for XP-G2 versus XP-G (at 350mA...
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    Sold/Expired Interest: DIY Linear Driver and Accessories

    I assume that's the size of the third/complete board since you didn't specify in the OP?
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    What traits make a good battlefield flashlight?

    It depends. In Army speak the universal answer is METT-TC (Mission Enemy Time and Troops available - Civil Consideration) dictates is the "right" answer to all such questions. It really depends on a lot of different factors. There's no one right answer for "the battlefield." One friend I...
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    ZL SC600wMkII out! will u hold or buy?

    I rarely buy the hot new thing on Day 1 or pre-order. Rarely is there not at least some difference between reality and marketing. In the flashlight market, especially, the hot new thing also tends to turn the first owners into the last round of beta testers.
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    Are Older Fulton Flashlights Stronger/Better Made Than Current Models...?

    subsribed to wait for that answer. I once saw an interesting history of the evolution of the current iteration of the light going back to WWII. IIRC the last "major" change was post or during Vietnam. I suppose that means there could be old versions that are different out there. Those would...