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    I would like to introduce my new friend

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    I would like to introduce my new friend

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    how does a voltage regulation circuit work?

    I just bought a string of battery led Christmas lights that are unregulated and don't run long on a set of batteries. I want to use them for energy efficient area lighting. How does a regulation circuit work if i want to try to get more out of them for a shorter time? They run off 4.5v from 3...
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    First approach to "serious" flashlights' world, first buy

    A smooth neutral beam with a LOP reflector will work much better than a focus able light. I have never seen a focus able beam light with a flawlessly smooth beam that would help with photography.
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    What job do you do?

    Re: What do you do for a living and how do you use your light(s)? I look at wood for a living. By laying a high quality light source across the surface I can see the scratch pattern I have made on the wood. I call it silhouetting the scratch. Try putting a piece of printer paper on a table and...
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    thoughts on donut holes in smooth reflector lights

    I have the Fenix TK35 and am over all pretty pleased with it. My biggest complaint is the very slight darker area in the center of the beam. It seems like a very slightly darker center with a very fine outer ring of brighter light. The dreaded doughnut hole.... not a big void, but a slightly...
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    corporate give away flash lights

    beam quality is a joke. The stippled reflector is a critical part of the equation. Beam smoothness is key for what they will be used for.
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    corporate give away flash lights

    Uh??????? Yeah. Me too........? My question more pertains to companies who can customize them.
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    4sevens Maelstrom S18 Review with OTF Lumens and Beamshots

    Let me get this straight. You have not compared side to side, but you think it's not brighter? You come here to post based on your perception without a real comparison and now we should comment on your currently baseless perception? Are you kidding?
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    corporate give away flash lights

    I am considering buying a quantity of Deal Extreme lights for giving away to customers. The: UltraFire C3 Cree 1xAA 1x14500 Flashlight (with Holster) These lights look plenty simple and have a stippled reflector which is absolutely required for the type of work they are needed for. They also...
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    4sevens Maelstrom S18 Review with OTF Lumens and Beamshots

    I ordered one of these lights based on this review. I will post my impressions next weekend
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    Beam shots from the Malestrom X7?

    was I seeing a slight dimness in the center of the beam on the X7? I could not tell for sure. I like the wider spot, but I want that spot to be very even.
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    Beam shots from the Malestrom X7?

    I am surprised that I could not come up with any beam shots from the X7. I am considering it because I like the UI. Can anyone help me?
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    Quality USB AA charger?

    I would really like to find a decent quality AA USB charger to use with my Brunton Explorer solar panel. I keep finding very low cost versions, but I really want something small and that I can trust. Thanks in advance.
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    LD10 head won't fit LD20 tube?

    I was incorrect about the LD10. It can handle 3 v. My memory must be going. Apologies.