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    darkest place you have ever been?

    Mammoth Cave and a film loading closet in the darkroom at school.
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    10 Year EDC - ARC LSHF-P

    So who fixes these? .
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    SureFire E1B/EWP01 30th Anniversary Gift Set (LIMITED EDITION)

    OK. So who got set # 1526, or did anyone get it yet? I would gladly trade set 1548 and pay all shipping costs. You don't even have to open the box to figure out the serial number. One end will have a sticker with GSXXXX, where the X are numbers. That will match the serial number of the set you...
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    SureFire E1B/EWP01 30th Anniversary Gift Set (LIMITED EDITION)

    HOLY COW. That's incredible.
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    Olight SR96 (3*Cree MK-R, 4800 lumen) Pictures, impressions

    Any possibility of a beamshot comparison between the SR90 and the SR96? I didn't use my SR90 a lot because it was so focused and didn't have as much spill as I would like. The SR96 looks as if it's a perfect balance for S&R. .
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    10 Year EDC - ARC LSHF-P

    I've had several Arc lights over the years, but I've always had one or two. I have three right now. One is an LSL-ST and has a Royal Blue emitter, one is the Lumileds version with the blue anodizing, and one is an LSH-P that I keep at my desk. The one I keep at my desk gets almost daily use, but...
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    McLux Black Widow head in my parts bin...

    I was looking for a new glow gasket for my TW4-ish rig and noticed that I still have a new McLux Black Widow head that I didn't build out. I've got quite a few converters, and some "choice" LuxV emitters to put in it, but thought it might be a good host for something with a little more OOMPF. My...
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    Anyone get a 25% off coupon they won't use?

    If you got a 25% off coupon from in your e-mail and aren't going to use it... I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! .
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I guess that makes me ancient or Jurassic? :p .
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    I don't see many of these posted... .
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    SF Porsche light how rare are they

    I've never seen any packaging, other than a plain white cardboard sleeve/box that is the clay material that they make cereal boxes out of. The paperwork may be in a Porsche owner's manual, if any. I want to say they came with certain higher-end Boxster models, but I can't be sure. The original...
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Away, you thought I was. Away, we do not go. We only start to look more like that --> .
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    Are original Arc Flashlights in demand as collectables?

    The Arc LED flashlights were the first commercially produced lights with a high-flux LED in them. There are all sorts of rare and interesting Arc lights out there, especially the elusive blue Lumileds Arc. .
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    SF Porsche light how rare are they

    I had a Porsche SureFire for a while. It was quite a nice little piece of engineering. However, Porsche got all cheap and went with something different rather quickly. I wouldn't be able to guess on production numbers, but it was quite low in SureFire terms. I'd almost venture to say that there...
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    I was thinking of selling my spare Strider SnG until... updated 3/29

    I took some other photos, I just haven't posted them here. This is the two quarters and the tip of the blade afterward. You can see the several places where I had made attempts and just didn't use enough force (and missed as well). .