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    need help identifing Surefire body

    it does accomodate a single cell but im having trouble with it making contact....i would like to buy a m31 and mount this on my shotgun thanks for the info
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    Cheap shotgun light

    I just built me a shotgun light with: -M61Blem -Used z59 clickie off/on -Used G2 body and -Used 6P bezel - Streamlight Clamp (on tube) - Used vikings tac mount just under 100.... I used to tell alot of my guys...."dont buy a cheap 20 dollar holster for your 500-1000 gun...." buy quality for...
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    need help identifing Surefire body

    got a body off a weapon light came with an old school round shock isolated bezel... end of body is shorter than a regular 6P/9P body... Also, was trying to make this work with surefire 3P bulb...seems like im not making contact... please advise...
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    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    ive been in! here is my EDC light... e2e with ole twisty and MN02 bulb....with long clip of course... Light in weight, 2 hour runtime and small....
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    Any Surefire Z-series addicts out there?

    Heres my SF 9Z (saving it for my son): I like the C2 better....i really like pocket clips on lights....I have a C2, G2L and e2e and all have long pocket clips
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    Its official. I'm a C2-HA addict..... *part 2*

    I too was like the OP...i bought and sold C2's always regretting it.... I have put a C2-BK together with a M60 and its staying....
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    3P, 9Z, 12Z still available?

    I got a nice 9z in great condition a couple of years back about the same time my son was i put it away and i am saving it for him.....
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    reliable leave in the car light?

    Another vote for the G2L....i always carry one when possible......The Original G2L -P60L bulb can come out and you can use a p60 bulb....endless options..
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    Halloween night what are you sporting?

    C2 with M60....cant son is 1 year old!
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    A good belt carrier for CR123 batteries?

    How about a duty latex glove pouch like this: you can get them on ebay for cheap....
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    Remember my "Why Surefire" thread?

    and here i thought i was cool with my 6z/9z....geez
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    Remember my "Why Surefire" thread?

    wow, one of my buddies runs one of those on his Ar15 for LEO use....
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    Ever get to the point where you don't "want" anymore flashlights???

    i always gift lights....its the most fun thing i do....especially give some to the guys i work anti-pircay security with.... I have gotten over the flashlight thing and now have 3 lights that i use but catagorize them as the following.... 1. General purpose/back up - G2L 2. EDC - e2e with MN02...
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    Why Surefire?

    Ill tell you what, I had a thrunite bulb exactly like the one below and was really was as bright maybe even a hint brighter than my Malkoff M60...the only thing i did not like was that its an import and i dont like using import bulbs in my tac lights.... Also, you cannot...

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