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    Worst Light You've Ever Owned

    It’s funny you say that. My late father in law truly believed that the pinnacle of flashlight evolution stopped at the snake light. He swore by it. So much so that he couldn’t even appreciate a good quality light when given one. But that’s another story for another time.
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    Worst Light You've Ever Owned

    I bought a light at one of those big box home improvement centers with a lot of orange colors. It was a single D-cell. I don’t remember if it was one of their house brands or Ray-O-Vac. But that was the worst attempt at impersonating a flashlight I have ever seen. It did nothing well. No...
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    right angled flashlights?

    I have one of those 2-D cell military bent necks (is that a Fulton?). Used to carry it in my flight bag back when the FAA and most airlines specifically specified a 2-D cell flashlight. I originally bought it because it would not roll away in turbulence and it had the ability to be used hands...
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    Please help guys!

    Isn’t Malkoff made in USA? They can use 18650.
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    Charger for an 18650

    This will be your only 18650 light? Then why get a charger at all. Look into an 18650 that has a built in charger. You plug in a micro usb cord and the battery will charge. I have a few of these and they work great. The only issue you could potentially run into is that built in charger ads a...
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    Small, powerful, high CRI light for preflighting an airliner?

    They made a flashlight and named it the “aviator”. That was probably a marketing decision. When they were developing it I don't think they ever took one on an airplane. I think if they had asked for pilot input, they would have been forced to redesign the thing. As pilot who owns and has...
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    Flashlight for Geocaching

    For geocaching you don’t need anything special. My only recommendation is what you have already implied, get both, a headlamp and a handheld flashlight. You’ll appreciate the hands free headlamp when your retrieving a cache. The flashlight will give you the distance needed to see distant...
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    Need a Really Bright AAA or AA Flashlight

    LMAO…. I didn’t even notice that.
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    Small, powerful, high CRI light for preflighting an airliner?

    I don’t use a holster. Just one more thing you have to remove to go through security. Remember, when traveling, less-is-more. I went through security in Saudi Arabia with a flashlight holster on once. I got pinned in a corner with weapons drawn. They thought I had a weapon. I was in uniform too.
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    Small, powerful, high CRI light for preflighting an airliner?

    I keep a pelican 7600 in my flight bag. It is USB rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about batteries. Always comes on in low, which what I prefer for flying. I’ve preflighted everything from the basic Cessna to a 747 with it. Another good light is the Malkoff MD2 with High-Low ring. I have...
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    Need a Really Bright AAA or AA Flashlight

    Take a look at the Malkoff line of AA lights. Rock solid build.
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    Why I Buy Maglite

    I’m a civilian pilot, so no ejection harness. I did clip it my shoulder harness once. That bent neck’s best feature was it wouldn’t roll away in turbulence.
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    Why I Buy Maglite

    I cannot contribute to the history, but Ahhh the memories.. As I remember, back in the early 80s the AA mini mag was the first decent AA format flashlight. Seriously, most AA formats before the mini mag were horrible. When I came back from the Army I had one and my dad hated the idea of me...
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    Looking for a light for a 60+ year old woman

    Don’t over think this, My experience with women and flashlights is this… they only want two modes OFF and ON. It needs to sit in the junk drawer for two years and work every time it’s used. Mag lite and streamlight make lights that fit the bill. Keep it simple
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    Help me pick, please!

    I just picked up the Fenix HT18. Runs on a 21700 battery which has a built in USB charge port. It’s quite the thrower with a nice tight beam. Runs for about 129 USD.