Mr. Robert J. Fairbairn is a US Naval Veteran from the Vietnam War period. Bob's Professional career spans the era of the personal computer including software and hardware development at Commodore Business Machines, telecom software development at US Robotics, to compiler development at Lattice, Inc. Bob has been employed at Motorola for over 20 years in software and systems development and engineering management. Bob managed the Y2K releases of several large Motorola telecommunications systems. Over the last few years Bob has concentrated on security and information technology

Photography, Ham Radio, Gardening
Illinois, USA
Information Security
Favorite incandescent light
Surefire G2
Favorite non-incandescent light
Surefire T1A Titan


My Lights: Surefire; G2, T1A,; Klarus:RS11; Fenix: LD22, LD12; FourSevens P0, Quark AA2 Turbo; Maratac AA, AAA