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    Task lighting for milling machine

    That would work without a doubt....but it wouldn't be cool! Thanks though Boltgun
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    Task lighting for milling machine

    Hi everyone, my googlefu has been weak looking for this. Does anyone know of a task light that can be magnetically mounted on a milling machine that uses P60 type modules? that plugs in to 120V power (obviously with a transformer to get it down to 3-9V). It would use something like this...
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    surefire hurricane lamp and milkyspit MC2

    looking for a single cell option
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    surefire hurricane lamp and milkyspit MC2

    Hi All does anyone know of any low power lights like the hurricane lamp and MC2 that someone is making now? Have a bunch of 20% batteries that I could use 1 - 5 of these types of lamps for when power goes out. Any thoughts? TIA Boltgun
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    Anyone sell a P60 laser drop in module?

    this has soooo much potential. I would be down for one myself. One could even make run off one battery with the Laser drop in having an extension going into the battery tube. Boltgun
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    Noga arm (again)

    I have been watching Oxtoolco on youtube and Tom swears by them....when I get my machines, they will have a spot in the stable. Boltgun
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    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT - Malkoff Devices MD10 and MD60

    Hi all I missed out and now they are no longer available. If you have an MD10 and MD60 laying around let me know. I have a few new take off Z68's I can contribute towards trades. Shipping is to Canada via USPS. TIA Boltgun
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    Armytek Predator/viking duty belt pouches

    Thanks for info. Just to add, I am looking for a significant number of these pouches so most small time places may have a hard time providing. I am researching this for work. Boltgun
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    Armytek Predator/viking duty belt pouches

    Hi All I have done searches with little result with any kind of recency. I am looking for any nylon duty belt pouches that will accommodate 2.25 inch belts and have a snap closure. I have seen pouches that come close but not sure if they will fit the larger bezel of the Predator. Any help...
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    Surefire MH60 threads

    that may just wouldn't happen to have pics of the bezel end would you? As there isn't much thread on the KM3, if the threads on the extension are recessed (like on the A19 adaptor) then it won't work. Boltgun
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    Surefire MH60 threads

    Hi guys Was thinking of making a lego surefire V2...I have a KM2 and KM3...the KM2 easily fits an LX2 body....designed for E-series bodies obviously. The KM3 is designed to be a drop in for the M951 series weapon lights....without the battery isolation collar/adaptor. Does anyone know the...
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    Need an M951 head bored out to fit M61

    are you talking about the Malkoff M61? if yes, it should work as a direct drop (sometimes they need slight fitting) in...I have put M60's in M951's on many occassions - is there a huge difference in the M60/M61? If it isn't about the Malkoff M61, then disregard my ramble. Boltgun
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    E-C adaptor with SF KM3

    Guys Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so mods please move if need. Does anyone know if you can use a Surefire KM3 IR/White LED head (this is meant for the larger M951 series weaponlights) with an E-C adaptor on a M600 series body (E-series body)? It seems that the used KM3 is...
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    Surefire M951 and M961 mod question

    Matt Malkoff Devices M61 I also did this up: MALKOFF M60/M61 IN SUREFIRE M951 This is to show how to fit the Malkoff Devices M60 drop in LED to the Surefire M951 series weapon lights. Take a wee bit of...