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    Inconsistency between C9000 and BC700 capacity measurements

    From William Chueu of MahaEnergy:
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    LaCrosse BC-9009 / BC-900 - The Melt-Downs Continue...

    Notwithstanding Lacrosse's assertions they resolved the issue(s) which caused the most recent flurry of BC-9009 melt-downs, I note that it's once again under review at Amazon: I also note that ThomasDistributing has completely removed both the BC-9009 and...
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    1500 or 1000, just WHAT is a cycle ?

    According to the press releases for both the original and the updated Eneloop, their cycle life was determined in accordance with criteria established by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. ... 2009/10/06-1.html Now...
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    Impressive Corporate DoubleSpeak by LaCrosse or Let's Blame the BC-900 Instead

    From the LaCrosse BC-9009 product page on Although not specifically stated, the only charger that fits the above description is the poor old BC-900. Consumers less versed in the history of these chargers will now wrongfully assume that it was the (light blue) BC-900 and not the (dark...
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    Maha MH-C9000 SUPPORT / FAQ - continuation

    This harkens me back to the termination problems we encountered with the original release of the MH-C9000. It seems that MahaEnergy just plain lacks an array of cells that are truly crap to test their designs with. Perhaps we should send William Chueh a broad selection. He can then design in...
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    Maha MH-C9000 SUPPORT / FAQ - continuation

    Don't forget that yours still has the 20000mAh setting in the break-in mode, so if you utilize a timer and set the capacity to 11000mAh, you can effectively bring a standard or 0.1C charge to bear for up to sixteen hours. You can also, of course, utilize the full break-in cycle and the straight...
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    Degrading eneloop/duraloops

    Hi Kestrel, If you're willing to ship them to me, I would be pleased to check them out on my MH-C9000 and return them to you thereafter. I happen to have 8 AA and 4 AAA Eneloops still sealed in their packaging that are also dated August of 2006. I'm intending to wait until their 5th...
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    Maha MH-C9000 SUPPORT / FAQ - continuation

    Interesting, has MahaEnergy changed the manufacturing locale of the MH-C9000, or does it actually read Taiwan?
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    Maha MH-C9000 SUPPORT / FAQ - continuation

    Thanks Mr Happy, I hadn't heard of this technique before now. It may provide a viable way to bring the MH-C9000's versatility to bear to recover cells that have slipped over the 'HIGH' threshold due to a lack of conditioning.
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    Maha MH-C9000 SUPPORT / FAQ - continuation

    Why wait when you can use the break-in mode now to analyze, slow charge and check the capacity of your C & D-cells. And if you (ahem) happen to have a first release of the MH-C9000, you can use this set-up to actually bring its full slate of modes to bear on C & D-cells, including charging up...
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    Maha C9000 Break-In Mode

    You and MarioJP may be inadvertently comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. I believe that he utilizes a LaCrosse BC-9009, which is an entirely different charger than the MH-C9000. The BC-9009 is considerably more compact, with much more tightly spaced charging bays, so it will always...
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    eneloop longevity

    As indicated by Burgess, the Eneloop was announced on 01 Nov 2005 and released to the market on 14 Nov 2005: Who knew then that almost five years on reports of sub-standard performance and/or failures of any sort would remain virtually non-existent for that rather plain little cell. A stark...
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    Eneloop C & D Cells Exposed

    If memory serves, the kudos for being the first of us to surmise what has now been confirmed go to IMSabbel: ... post2591311 -
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    Eneloop C & D Cells Exposed

    Not quite gandeel. Sanyo decided to forego stating the typical capacity on the Eneloop C & D-cells, instead stating only their minimum capacity. Accordingly, the C-cell was stated as having a minimum capacity of 3000mAh and the D-cell was stated as having a minimum capacity of 5700mAh. When...
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    Eneloop C & D Cells Exposed

    It's confirmed folks, the Eneloop C-cell is composed of 4 x AAA cells and the D-cell is composed of 3 x AA cells: Source website linked via Google Translator: ... Hmm, does this mean they must now be classified as batteries?