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    Lawn mower blade sharpening

    Same here, sometimes I use an angle grinder at the end of the season to get it cut to where it needs to be and then use the Dremel attachment during the season to keep it sharp.
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    Laser pointer for daily use

    I've got one of these and it's ok. The UV and flashlight are typical of something in this price range but I only bought it because it's rechargeable.
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    $30 flashlight

    As a good rule of thumb stay away from anything electronic wise with the name "fire" in it.
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    LUMINTOP FWAA Andúril 2 14500 Titanium+CU/ Titanium/ Copper/ Brass Flashlight Group

    Any word on different clip options like a deep carry one that was offered for the FW3A series?
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    Sponsor [Flash Sales]Wurkkos TS21 USB C charging and discharging flashlight Anduril 2.0 Programmed 3500 Lumens

    Literally just received a black anduril 1.0 last week, do you take trade-ins? 😅
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    [email protected]'s tritium thread continued

    @autolight just a little motivational pic for ya. 😉
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    All but 1 light gone for 3 weeks. What would you choose?

    Hands down I'd choose my Prometheus delta Nichia 5k.
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    Mirage Man Customs

    Were those available in 2010?
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    Mirage Man Customs

    I know that, it started life as a D light but was set up for C cells. That's why I said 3 C configuration. Not sure why I used the Cs, maybe I couldn't find D rechargeables back then. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hurricane Ida

    Sort of. Most of the residents work in the fishing industry, trawling, off shore charters, etc. They make really good money but a lot of that is tied up in their boats/vessels/trucks/equipment. The majority of the homes on Grand Isle are people that live there year round. Only a small...
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    Hurricane Ida

    Very carefully lol. But seriously though, many start from scratch. Any structures still standing are made sure they are still sound and then carefully rebuilt. Those that are not are torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Seems like every 8-12 years total devastation happens, crazy to...
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    Hurricane Ida

    Crazy drone video of the damage in Grande Isle Louisiana. It's been decades since I've been there, one of my uncles had a camp there. I know Grande Isle looks like this after most any storms but it's still amazing to see the damage.
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    Mirage Man Customs

    Wow that really brings me back over a decade. I had a Varabeam from Lambda lights I think it was called. It was my first custom light, 3C config, SST50, 3k lumens if I remember correctly. Kinda miss it should have never sold it.
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    $30 flashlight

    Wurkkos FC11 1300 lumen USB C charging 90+CRI 2 UI (stepped/ramping) Lighted switch w/power indicator
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    What's your most trusted light?

    These are my most trusted, Prometheus Alpha/Delta and Ti Tool 2.0. The Prometheus lights are basically the same except for the emitters. The Delta has Nichia 219C 5K, Alpha has Cree MCE 4k and the Tool has a Samsung LH351D 5k. Great tint and beam on each and they work without issues every...

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