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    18650 flashlight suddenly goes dim in all modes. Please help!

    It happens with both protected and unprotected batteries. (I think some are unprotected anyway, they're certainly a few mm shorter than the ones I know are protected.) I can take a pic of all the batts tonight and hopefully someone can confirm.
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    18650 flashlight suddenly goes dim in all modes. Please help!

    Hi all, I have an MTE SF-23 that takes 18650 batteries. The issue is that it seems to suddenly go dim, sometimes it's immediately dim when I turn it on, sometimes it will be at "normal" brightness for a few seconds before then going dim. This happens in any mode (low, medium, high, flashing...)...
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    Thrower that can use Olight H2R Nova battery?

    I have an Olight H2R Nova headtorch which I really like, but reading online the 18650 battery is a "customised" one and only compatible with certain other flashlights in their range: I'm looking for...
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    Fun with an Altoids tin

    Interesting thread. As a kid I started putting together a kit in an old tobacco tin based on the suggestions in this book: I probably still have it somewhere. These days I have a slimmed down kit for overnight camping trips which stays in...
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    The right angle flashlight thread

    Those green 1940s-80s ones bring back memories. Almost every camping and army surplus shop used to have them. Although I suspect some of them weren't genuine and were unofficial copies, there was always a fair amount of civilan acessories that just happened to be green/camoflage in those sort of...
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    What was your prep for today?

    I'm off to Scotland in a few weeks so really should test out my new tent (Lanshan 1) and make sure I can put it up, no parts are missing etc before I get there. We're planing on staying in mountain shelters but it's always wise to take a tent just in case they are really busy or the roof's blown...
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    Twisted Sisal Rope for fire starting !

    Nice idea. I experimented with making my own firelighters by saving wood shavings that were used as packaging material, putting a ball of them in cardboard egg cartons and pouring in melted wax from old candles. They work well but it's a bit of a messy process melting and pouring the wax. 100%...
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    Hiking in the nude

    Nudism has never been something that's appealed to me, but as they say, you do you. :) Embarrassment/body image issues aside, I wouldn't want to hike nude due to all the things I don't want my skin coming into contact with: ticks, horseflies, midges, stinging nettles, brambles, giant...
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    Olight H2R Cutting Out, Reason?

    I was turning it on in memory mode, I think I was using it on the middle setting but can't be sure, I was just burning some leaves in the yard and wasn't really paying attention. The issue was just like yours in the video. Interesting to hear Olight replaced the battery and this solved it...
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    Camping Mattress

    Another Exped fan here. I had a Thermarest Neoair but never felt comfortable on it, it rustled when I moved and never slept well as I felt like it was easy to roll off of. The Exped Synmat has vertical baffles with slightly higher ones on the edges to help stop you from rolling off. Let a tiny...
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    Wood and Water. Storm prep and outing for hot tenting.

    So sad to hear of WoodsWalker's passing. Like many others I enjoyed his inspiring photos and videos.
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    Olight H2R Cutting Out, Reason?

    Hi everyone. I've just been using my Olight H2R headtorch whilst doing yard work, turning it on and off a few times as it was needed, then at one point it would just come on for a split second then cut out when trying to turn it on. It did this about 2 or 3 times then completely died. I tried...
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    Anyone know of good camping/hiking spots in northern Europe?

    Agreed, if you do come to Scotland research the mountain bothies association, they maintain basic shelters which are left unlocked and can be used for overnight stays, a similar system to some of the camping shelters in Scandinavia.
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    18650 Torch Losing Power, Help Please

    Thanks for the tip and for all your advice in this thread. I'm happy to say the H2R was fantastic for night hiking and general camp activities and I'm sure it's going to get a lot more use.
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    Lodge Cook-it-all & pizza

    I just had to google what it was. It looks like a good bit of kit. I've improvised something similar before by using 2 frying pans, one on the bottom and another upside down as a lid!