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    SPY 007 Sales thread #5 << Closed >>

    Re: SPY 007 Sales thread #5 Dave, E-mail and PP incoming for a neutral white Spy :) Thanks a lot! Andrew
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn:6V McGizmo High CRI Mule

    Re: WTS:6V McGizmo High CRI Mule Bump & drop to $400 trying to sell this today...
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn:6V McGizmo High CRI Mule

    Just recieved this light last week from Don. I havent carried it because I am afraid to mark up such a beautiful light! Price is $450 via Paypal gift. I will include priority shipping within 24 hours of payment, and insurance. US only. I will split the head and body only if there is...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Haiku(sold) * Added Spy 007 XPG*

    Re: WTS: Haiku 2xAA BB, XPG warm~ price adjustment~ I have a McGizmo... I'll trade you that and the rest of my collection for that beautiful Spy!!!!
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    Sold/Expired LUNASOL 20 and HDS Ra Clicky (orange)

    I am surprised that this has lasted longer than 30 mins! I wish I had the cash! Good luck with the sale
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    Tritium Application Question

    I am a newbie when it comes to tritium installation. I have a question that I hope someone can answer! First off, the host that I want to install tritium tubes in is my McGizmo Mule. I want to put 1 or 2 on the board with the LED so they will be protected by the lense. My question is how...
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    Sold/Expired Mini Taglight Pre-Pay Sale: A G10, Carbon Fiber, And Titanium EDC

    Any updates on the full metal taglights? I've been looking back and forth at these and the mini-chimera. I'm just itching for one of your top quality customs.
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: 3S McGizmo High CRI Ti Mule Bezel*$190.00*

    Re: FS: Mac's Black Tri EDC Neutral Tint w/clip Tempting.... Even though I just got a 6V mule from Don yesterday! Let me know if you'd split it up. I'd be interested in just the light engine. Andrew
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    McGizmo EDC's - What's Yours?

    6V Mule Hi CRI on a 2x123 McClicky Pak :)
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    Titanium Mule Wave

    Recieved my beautiful mule today! It is a functional piece of art :) Thanks, Don! Andrew
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    Sold/Expired *sold* WTS : McGizmo Ti Mule 6V Hi CRI (Nichia 119)

    Re: WTS : McGizmo Ti Mule 6V Hi CRI (Nichia 119) free bump!
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    Titanium Mule Wave

    Don, E-mail sent for a 6V Mule Hi CRI on a 2x123 pak. My paypal is ready. Just waiting to hear from you :) Thanks, Andrew Silva
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    Oveready Moddoolar Pocket

    Any news on when these will be available again?
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    Sold/Expired *sold* WTS : McGizmo Ti Mule 6V Hi CRI (Nichia 119)

    Re: WTS : McGizmo Ti Mule 6V Hi CRI (Nichia 119) Interest withdrawn.…