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    Red rear light - how bright should it be? Should it be on in daylight as well?

    I agree that high output rear lights should not be narrow laser beams but cover a wide range of angles as much as 270 degrees. This video from 4 years ago shows the taillights I use going away from the camera 1/4 mile. I use/used the 1 watt Turbo Superflash in falsh mode, an early Cytolite Hot...
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    Designing good daytime rear commuter lights

    Update. Time flies when you are having fun! A lot of good commercial options in daytime-bright taillights now and that was not the case when I starts this thread. I have a Turbo Superflash on the back of the helmet, a Cygolite Hot Shot on the seat post, and LED by LITE:
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    Cygolite Hotshot *Micro*

    It isn't plug & play by the looks of the micro: It is not listed as an option: another strong clue. If you had an old SuperFlash, you could use use its clip and a PB rack mount. The same lens and light pattern with more power is available in...
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    Review: The NiteFLUX RedZone 4

    Old thread revisited. One of mine fell off in a sprint to get indoors when tornado sirens sounded. I t was 2 years old and having turn on issues. Always did. The second one gradually lost turn-on functions and the battery is now over 4 years old. I think I kept it for surgery that I have not...
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    Cygolite HotShot Review

    ImageShack dropped all videos at some point. They are not on my laptop. I expect they are archived. I have some commitments so it will likely be next week before I could find and load them to YouTube. Brian
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    looking for a daytime rear seatpost light...

    ^A pair of the brightest available commercial lights. The Dinotte Quad Red (200 lumens) is another, pricey, but backed up like crazy for any defects. Lupine Rochlight (160 Lumens) is arguably another...
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    looking for a daytime rear seatpost light...

    I have 3 years on a 1st generation HotShot. It appears that they undercharge the battery pack which will extend the life to 4-5 years. I got it on sale for $25 and it is definitely daylight effective. I reviewed it in a thread here several years ago. They redesigned the mount and I bought one. A...
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    Identifying LEDs

    Why not e-mail them the serial number, and ask?
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    Recommend me a decent bike light

    I have seen this one but not evaluated its beam: Worth considering.
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    Cygolite HotShot Review

    Three and a half years later, and the HotShot is still running well (getting near the end of it's expected battery life). I have lights for a broader output but the HotShot is my narrow beam light of choice. I have not tested its run time to see if that has decrease any. One of my pet peeves...
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    Custom Bicycles

    Yes Steve, it is the same Mercian. The Duchess. I added a frame button for a frame pump, top tube cable stops, down tube lever bosses converted to index cable stop/adjusters, under BB cable guides under chain stay derailleur cable stop, rear rack mounts, and three water bottle bosses (at Yellow...
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    Custom Bicycles

    My hand built (to my size specification) 34 year old frame updated to 3 x 10 (Campy) with cable rerouting to support index shifting and it is the light platform seen in this forum in other threads:
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    2015 - latest hotness in cutoff battery lights?

    Some high output from the more expensive Flux Elite Expert: #24 #27 #28 #29 #35 #36 Remember that the aesthetics of a carbon bike stuffed under some bloke's ute because the cyclist was not visible enough is pretty low.
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    Review: Specialized Flux Expert Taillight

    You can Google for more, but here is one: Lights-and-Safety%2FSpecialized%2F963%2Fsearch Here is a video of the high...
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    Building a tail light, Need help!

    Another lens for a tailight: The clear cap from silicone caulk: The afterburner effect: Good 270 degree coverage: Hotshot hot spot and wash of red from DIY taillights: Short video- the non flashing lights have the caulk cap lenses:

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