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    IMALENT new product MS03 13000 LUMEN FLASHLIGHT

    Remarkable, however: Extreme heat within a few seconds, light weight = poor heatsinking, extreme flood from 3x XHP 70's in small reflector, stated throw doubtful, very short battery life. Good showoff light. brightnorm
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    Emisar D4Svn V2 - Best 26650 Light R

    Vinh, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your D4Svn2. It's everything you claimed, and then some. In terms of focus and brilliance it truly blows away all my other D4S's, including: SST-20 5000K, SST-20 6500K, XP-L HI 6500K, and XP-L HI 5000K. I...
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    Review - Wuben A21, XHP70 4200lm, 21700 4800mAh

    Detailed, highly informative and articulate, a really excellent review for an excellent light. Only problem is no holster and I can't find one online. Any suggestions? Thanks, Brightnorm
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    ACEBEAM IMR 3100 mAh "PROTECTED"?????

    Is the ACEBEAM 3100 mAh IMR really "protected"? My understanding is that protection usually refers to low voltage cut-off. But Acebeam says "short circuit protection". Is that the same thing, and if not, is that battery really "unprotected" ? Brightnorm
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    Best Flood/Throw combo flashlight on the market?

    My TN40S (CW) really lives up to the hype, especially considering how (relatively) short and compact it is compared to other super throwers. However, there is one big problem: the unavailability of a black belt holster. The only thing I could find was the"Flyye holster belt cordura pouch"...
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    group buy for the Imalent DN35 (XHP35 Hi) awesome deal!

    I tried another more cumbersome approach; yours sounds better. Razor scratches for better glue adhesion? Will this do better than regular "2-ton" epoxy? Thanks, Brightnorm
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    Imalent DN35---a powerful led flashlight up to 2200 lumrns

    Excellent Light with serious design flaw: Performance-wise the DN35 is an excellent light. Unfortunately, the ergonomic functionality is among the worst of the many lights I have used. Aside from the unnecessary second button, made superfluous by superior single button designs such as the...
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    Zebralight SC600w IV Plus

    I have several recent Zebralights but I'm passing on this one because I prefer the "brighter" cool whites. I'm willing to sacrifice truer CRI for brightness. Call me troglodyte! Brightnorm
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    Acebeam K65: XHP70.2 dedomed, 6200 lumens, 4xIMR18650, beamshots, compare

    I received what was supposedly the CW version, but was in fact the NW version. Frankly, I was disappointed with it compared with the CW K60. Where did you get the CW version? Brightnorm
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    Thrunite TC20vn - Best Compact 26650 R Here are some tests and comments about the Orbtronic 26650 battery. I just ordered the Golisi batteries. Thanks for the recommendation, Brightnorm
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    Thrunite TC20vn - Best Compact 26650 R

    Any opinion on this battery? Thanks, Brightnorm
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    Thrunite TC20vn - Best Compact 26650 R

    $225 TC20vn Triple SST40 SD 6500K + DriverVNX2 Specs: Lumen 3500, 45Kcd, 424m I'm considering buying the triple. Does it have low voltage cutoff? I've never used your services before; do I supply the light and send it to you? Brightnorm
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    Thrunite TC20vn - Best Compact 26650 R

    Is it possible to dedome the XHP70.2 for better throw? I ask because I thought a dedome would provide more than an eighteen yard increase Factory TC20 XHP70.2 6500K Specs: Lumen 3500, 26Kcd, 323m $100 TC20vn XHP70.2 6500K + Factory UI Specs: Lumen 3700, 29Kcd, 341m Brightnorm
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    Review: Nitecore MH23: XHP35 HD, 1800 lumens, 1x18650, beamshots, compare

    That's good to know, though knowing actual cutoff voltage would have been ideal.Thanks for checking. Brightnorm
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    Review: Nitecore MH23: XHP35 HD, 1800 lumens, 1x18650, beamshots, compare

    Can you please ask Nitecore of there is low voltage protection? I suspect there may be other owners who are interested in this. Brightnorm