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    Fenix HM50R (CR123\16340 headlamp)

    Re: Fenix HM30R (CR123\16340 headlamp) Starts after a few seconds the first time you go to the highest mode, if you cycle through modes it will happen immediately once you get back to the highest mode.
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    Fenix HM50R (CR123\16340 headlamp)

    Re: Fenix HM30R (CR123\16340 headlamp) I have had mine for a few days now, my tint is a bit cooler than I usually prefer. I like slightly on the warm side of Neutral White. Fenix used to be fairly good about that tint wise. Lately all the lights I have gotten 4 HL23s 2 E15s and an E05 have all...
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    How to disassemble a Fenix E15 head.

    Wow it has been a long time since I checked this thread. Thanks for the suggestion, it worked great. I made a fixture by drilling a hole in a chunk of aluminum just a hair smaller than the threads. Then I cut a slot through one side so I could expand the hole and once the head was inserted I...
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    How to tell difference between 1w and 3w leds

    Another observation with these LEDs is that they have fairly long and thin bond wires. Which causes problems for driving with high current. I have found that at around 1.8A the bond wires on these LEDs will vaporize making the LED non functional. The die seems to be able to handle more than this...
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    How to tell difference between 1w and 3w leds

    Since I did not know a more appropriate place to put it. I am adding some die shots of the 3W vs 1W LEDs to this thread. I will start off by saying I had not expected much from these LEDs but am actually very impressed with them. They have very consistent color from one LED to the next, the...
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    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    My favorite lube as of late is dielectric grease. It is kind of a milky clear grease used on electrical contacts and connectors the look and consistency remind me of silicons grease. I bought a large tube of it at the auto parts store for a about $6. They also have little single use packets of...
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    How to disassemble a Fenix E15 head.

    So I just got a new E15 in the mail today as a backup to the one I already have. So of course I am itching to modify one on them. For me the color temperature of the new E15s are to cool, far cooler then the previous generation with the head the same size as the body. I would guess them likely...
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    GB/intrest thread for the Fenix E15 2016! (STOCK READY - STARTED!)

    I got mine in the mail today. It was 3 weeks to the day from placing my order and I paid the nominal ~$1.60 for shipping upgrade. Thanks for putting the group buy together.
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    How to tell difference between 1w and 3w leds

    I know this is an old post but in case someone else stumbles upon it. I have been buying quite a lot of the Chinese bead LEDs and for me the 1W have a - sign stamped in the lead right as it enters the LED package. On the 3W it is a cutout in the lead that slightly resembles a - sign. O heck I...
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    What is one of the better budget headlamps out there now?

    I have mentioned this in other threads But I am finding myself using the Fenix HL23 more than any other headlamp I have. It is very ruggedly built, the right amount of light for what I usually use a headlamp for, and amazingly comfortable to use. It runs on 1AA. The only down side is if run on...
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    Battery stuck in E01

    I know this is a really old thread but if anyone suffers a leaked Alkaline battery the only thing I have found to really remove the corrosion is CLR. that stuff just eats up battery corrosion. I had a 1AA Dorcy light with an aluminum body that I liked have a AA get stuck in a similar manner. I...
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    GB/intrest thread for the Fenix E15 2016! (STOCK READY - STARTED!)

    Re: GB/intrest thread for the Fenix E15 2016! Thanks Dazed1, This has been a great group buy, I just ordered 2 because I love this light and the price was so fantastic. Not to derail the thread but, any possibility of a future group buy on the Fenix HL23? For some reason this has been my...
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    Does this light really put out 2000 lumens for $5.48 ?

    I have one that looks just like that one and it is probably 200Lm max. On that side of the world they like to throw an extra zero at the end of their specks.
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    Highest efficiency LEDs?

    So I am wondering what the highest efficiency LEDs are these days. I am not necessarily looking for high power LEDs, though I would not rule them out. I want something in a neutral white 4000-5000K range with decent CRI preferably 80+. I picked up some Cree XH-B leds a while ago to play with and...
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    *NEW* Fenix CL25R camping light,micro-usb rechargeable, max 350 lumens

    Anyone determine what LED is used inside this lantern?