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    [Review] Sofirn IF25A - as good as the hype?

    How do you set it to a lumen level?
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    HM50r led swap

    Has anybody swapped the led in the fenix? Any success removing the bezel? IIRC fenix likes to glue things. Wondering what the best way to fab a bezel tool would be? On my th20 mods I’ve always ended up scratching the crap out of them which I’d like to avoid this time…
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    All Sold Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU

    Re: Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU, all modded Thank you. Going to pass on this one, I haven’t loved the LH351D emitters from mtn in the past.
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    All Sold Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU

    Re: Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU, all modded What’s the story with that Eagtac d25lc2? Is this a custom job? I just ask because I haven’t seen it with the LH351d at all. If so do you have the binning one that led? Seems like 3500-4000 is the sweet...
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    Seeking recommendations for a small flashlight with decent throw

    Why do small for address finding? I used to use a 3D mag and then an incan G2. Both worked amazingly well. These days I keep something larger in the car but if I wanted compact I’d look at my surefire G2X without hesitation. Pro is two mode low-high and LE is high-low if you can find one I...
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    Need a new single-AA twist flashlight

    I’d look at the L10 as mentioned earlier. If you don’t mind a tail clicky I’m pretty happy with the three Jaxman e3 flashlights I have. While peak makes great stuff, I never bought their AA. The action of the qtc on my eiger just never impressed me.
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    What is a bombproof headlamp that uses AA batteries?

    Excellent headlamp, just bought another one. Easy to swap leds if so desired.
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    Had a G2X Tactical 320lm version, it was fairly angry blue but it was a great, "working" light. Eventually it flaked out and wouldnt turn on without a smack on the palm. A trip back to Surefire and about 2wks turn around time and the same light came back with a brand new head on it. Can't be...
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    Eagletac P100A2 & P100C2: The impossible to open flashlights?

    Bit of a zombie thread, here. Anybody have success opening these up? Picked up a close out P100C2 and would like to replace the XPG R2.
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    Favorite budget light 2020

    Can't go wrong with Convoy, can you? I really like the S2+ with SST20 and OP reflector for general use. The C8+ just feels like such a legit light in the hand, too. I have a desert sand ano from a couple years ago that have a wonderfully grippy matte finish. Just picked up a new one to build...
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    Need a new charger for AGM & wet car batteries

    I scored a Schumacher SC-1200 charger on an amazon lightning deal a couple years ago and its worked VERY well for me. Looks like that model was discontinued, so I'm not sure what the newer version is like.
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    I think fasttech has some 17mm drivers like that which you may be able to use to repair yours?
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    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    That would be nice!
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    18500 lights?

    I've been very tempted to slap 2s incan together, actually. In this case, though, I am looking for a single cell setup.
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    18500 lights?

    Is there any 18500 lights made these days? I love the idea of almost as much capacity as an 18650 but still the option to run AA/L91/NiMH if needed. Wish list would include high CRI and a no memory or strobes but I can't think of anything that even runs 18500/AA right now. Maybe the Peak...