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    Pandemic supply chain in your area Here's a place to discuss labor issues.
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    The US labor staus

    All things considered, this could be the best time in a long while for the leverage of the average worker in the US. But for how long? Between robots and regulations job numbers may be cut soon. :popcorn:
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    Music and Musician Discussion Thread

    I really liked David Bowie 80's phase. I think he peaked in the 80's. Not a big fan of "China girl" but do admit it was a pretty catchy number. I liked the Scarey Monsters record the best. Here's Ashes to Ashes And a bootleg 20 years later RIP David, sometimes called the chameleon because...
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    Where are the flashaholics?

    Worthless jerk is after "get a life", which is after "flashaholic supreme".
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Uh, what was the topic here? Oh, pandemic supply chain. So this week on the radio a higher up from the Norfolk VA port was being interviewed about the state of things on the east coast. He went into detail why some ports are clogged while others are not. He said the pile ups reported by the...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    I use a Speed Clip/wrist strap combo for a quick deploy 2 finger centrifugal device under the worst conditions. PK taught me that trick while explaining the reason the potato masher Icon light (called Rogue) came with a neck lanyard. Under better conditions it's easy to slide the loop over the...
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    To the best of my knowledge az, as the chemical reaction occurs there is a build up of "gases" that eventually cause the case of the battery to "pop" resulting in the 'goo' that leaves the inside as a paste then hardens to a solid. It can happen when the battery is taxed such as a powerful draw...
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    Where are the flashaholics?

    And just like that, I'm a flashaholic again…… woohoo!! Uh oh, the voices saying carry a Sharpie are gone. Those that say "you know you want another flashlight" have resumed.
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    Music and Musician Discussion Thread

    I liked "what are words for" too. Never liked the go go's that much but did like The Sundays. Back in the cassette days I recorded the Sundays cover of Wild Horses over and over on a 90 minute blank tape because a dame had done me wrong. One night at work I listened to the cassette in my truck...
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    Oh I figured my "pro" alkaline battery stance would go over about as well as an ad for a steak joint in a vegetarian thread, but bottom line is I rarely experience leaking alkaline's. Years ago? Certainly so, but since I joined cpf its a rarity. Any leaks at all? Yup, but as I type this it's...
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    Help! My signature Isn't Showing!

    Jelly said a while back that it shows up in your first post per thread... in landscape mode.
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    Well said.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Nothing lately but an Elzetta G-Line 123 is on my radar because I only have 1 now. Good luck trying to get the malkoff to fail dot.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Often they have a black friday 15% off, but not every year from what I recall. Every so often I get a newsletter with a discount coupon.
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    Need Recommendation for a multi purpose rechargeable flashlight for home

    I like how easy it is to grip the Stinger for say……um err uh…… driving a nail? (wink wink)