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    What Type of Head/Tail Threads for Incandescent C-cell Twisty and Clicky models?

    Hello, Does anyone know the type of threads used on the Bulb-end and tail-end of the following incandescent C-cell Maglites? 1) ML25LT Twisty 2) Clicky C-cell Thank you for your help.
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    Disassembly of latest Maglite Incandescent C-cell switch (S3C016)

    Just got an incandescent Maglite 3 C-cell with a clicky switch for $15 shipped ( Great price! Here...
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    Got the NEW Maglite ML25IT 2C

    Is the battery tube a plain cylinder all the way through or is there some groove inside (for a C-ring like the incandescent C-cell tube)?
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    Got the NEW Maglite ML25IT 2C

    Does the tube have a C-ring in it to hold the switch in place like the incandescent model? How does the switch stay in-place against the battery spring force pushing toward the head?
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    Got the NEW Maglite ML25IT 2C

    Or, it would turn into a 1x22650 or 1x21700. Note: The incandescent tube ID is too small to fit a 26650.
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    Got the NEW Maglite ML25IT 2C

    Thank you for the info! Most 26650 Batteries are about 26.2mm so they should barely fit but maybe slightly too tight. Looks like the Mag switch should fit too, especially since if its a bit loose, the set screw will compensate for any bit of looseness and if the switch is a bit tight, a bit of...
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    Got the NEW Maglite ML25IT 2C

    1) What is the ID of the battery tube in mm? 2) Total length of a 2 cell battery tube? 3) Will an incandescent Maglite C switch fit into the tube? thank you.
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    M*g C Extension Tube By Fivemega

    Do you have full C size (50mm) in black or even longer in black? I assume not but gotta try and ask anyway...
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    Resurected a 3C Maglite

    Hi cernobila, Thank you for your help! I appreciate it! Gotta love this community and its very helpful members like cernobila!
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    Resurected a 3C Maglite

    May I ask for one more measurement? With the head completely unscrewed and off, what is the depth/length of front-end tube cavity? - from head-end of tube, down to flat disk-shaped plastic switch body.
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    Resurected a 3C Maglite

    Hi cernobila, thank you for your response and help. I appreciate it very much!
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    Resurected a 3C Maglite

    Good work! I assume everything in your Maglite 3C is a stock xenon model - no deep tail cap spring mod. Is the tail cap spring really tight or loose when screwing the tail cap on with the 2x21700 inside? How long are your 21700? I assume around 72mm? BTW, can you measure a few things for me...
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    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    Thank you Fivemega for the great info! Thank you for contributing to our CPF community with all your special manufactured parts/lights and advice to everybody over the years! Much appreciated.
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    Need incandescent/xenon Maglite C or D dimensions

    Hello, If anyone has an incandescent/xenon Maglite C or D cell sized light, I need the following dimensions if you can please measure them for me: 1) total tail cap length 2) depth and diameter of head cavity which holds the reflector 3) With head completely unscrewed, what is depth of tube...