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    Different emitters in Sundrop XR-U (beam artifacts)

    This is my Sundrop (non XR-U) with the quad E21a. Suffice to say it did not stay with this engine.
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    SureFire C series two-stage tail?

    Olight has done this sort of thing with the Warrior Mini 2 and Warrior 3 (previously the Warrior Mini and M2R Pro). It works very well. Fenix is also using the same kind of switch (two stage "camera shutter" switch) to some neat effect too in the PD25 v2.0 and maybe some others I'm forgetting...
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    HDS 1st HDS Rotary (noob!)

    I would be happy to buy that reflector off of you, btw.
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    Sold/Expired McGizmo SunDrop 1xAA (14500) w/ Nichia 219C and Dr Jones H17f driver

    I'll take it please! Since we can't be too careful these days on CPF although I recognize you I'd like if you could provide a handwritten timestamp with your username and the light itself. Thanks! My PMs are open.
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    Sold/Expired datiLED Battery Drainers

    Thanks, I'll just take the #19 as specified. Can you shoot me a PM with payment info?
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    Sold/Expired datiLED Battery Drainers

    What’s the voltage range on the other models where you don’t specify? In for 19, at least.
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    Nichia LEDs

    These are the sort of magic words I needed to hear to place an order. Is there more options besides sw40 available?
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    MDC w/XML?

    Yes. DC-Fix is a kind of window frosting with low losses so it would be great to soften up a beam.
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    Surefire L1 with 2 stage tailcap doesn't go high when it twisted to end.

    Apologies for not finding my way back to this thread sooner. As you may know, the way that this tailcap works is there is a resistor inside that current passes through if the leaf springs are not depressed, and that signals to the light to use low mode. When the leaf springs are depressed all...
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    Best Rechargeable for HDS Rotary

    I've had a handful of bad Fenix cells for some reason or another. Maybe it's just bad luck. Anyway, I steer clear now, although I still like the lights. I recommend the lavender Vapcell 16340, which are rated for 3A and 850mAh. It's more than enough for the HDS and the highest capacity cells...
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    Malkoff E2 battery compatibility

    If your protected cells can handle the amperage, then I wouldn't worry about switching to unprotected cells. The main feature for unprotected cells with this engine would be not having it shut off "by surprise" when the batteries have gone low.
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    Malkoff E2 battery compatibility

    It looks to me like the E2 model runs the same electronics as the M61. There is a lot of information on how they will run here: Specifically, I'm thinking the M61 425lm 16340 700mAh runtime test...
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    MDC w/XML?

    Not that this isn't a good idea, but have you gotten any DC-Fix to play with? It will soften up the beam in short order.