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    Ban political/religious debate in the Cafe?

    I disagree with you, Bart. My sigline should be enough of a clue. Being a Pagan, I know these things to be Highly Offensive to Fundies. Having known this for many years, This makes my Sigline: a Clear Violation: Baiting and Trolling Malice Aforethought The first line is from Aleister Crowley...
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    Newer worms?

    It is possible. These things emerge quickly enough that your Virus defs may not be totally up to date. ANother things, is that some of these seek to disable AV programs and/or disable security. It is always possible. Probability is another story.
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    Ban political/religious debate in the Cafe?

    [ QUOTE ] Empath said: Neither political nor religious discussion presents a problem. The problem develops when someone becomes obsessed, and campaigns relentlessly to promote their opinion. In other words, the problem is not with the subject; it's with a few members that as yet don't recognize...
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    Rundown of Gerbers new line up

    JerryM; I have a growing list of 3D CGI apps and non-free stuff for Poser to get, another for computer hardware, and another for flashlights, headlamps, and related items. All have a habit of growing. My income is $394 per month, SocSec Disability, with a spendable amount (after expenses) that...
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    Any Lavendar States? Intersting Rant article. Silviron, did you see the blurb at the end of the article??
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    HELP! My Computer is INFESTED !!!!!!!!!!!

    Make sure AVG is set to scan ALL files on ALL drives (complete scan), and try HijackThis. Go to in the security and virus area, plus the XP area. To post, you need to be a member (free).
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    Why are we all here?

    I always liked flashlights. However, given that they were for many years an unchanging technology in at least the basics, it became merely a tool. The advent of the White LED (Nichia) changed that Paradigm forever. When I heard of the CC Trek Light from C. Crane, I had to have one. I have been...
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    Rundown of Gerbers new line up

    Oh, darn!! Several more lights to get. That Trio looks real interesting to me. I love my Ultra, so if it does provide as much or more light as the Ultra, and 3 to 4 times the runtime, then it is worth getting. Particularly if it is made to CMG's exacting standards or better (for rugged usage).
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    emergency kit light

    I can't argue with your reasoning, Stanley. The Inretech 2AA adapter (white) that goes in a 2AA Minimag, and uses 2 Lithium AAs, would also be an excellent choice for this emergency kit.
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    Impact XL

    Gasguy, Welcome to CPF! Keep in mind, that we tend to be a very picky bunch of people here.
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    emergency kit light

    Stanley, that could be due to a weak battery also. Of my 123A only lights, the X5T would be used the most where runtime was of greater need than brightness.
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    What a Mess!

    Things have a way of piling up, don't they?? I have a pile of catalogs from the Fall and Winter to sort out. Have to make room for the pile coming for Spring and Summer.
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    What is burn time

    Why are people arguing over brightness?? This is about runtime, measurement parameters, and reporting standards. The graph is far more important in shape and time, than the actual brightness levels. You also have to take into account whether the light in question is regulated, semi-regulated...
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    emergency kit light

    Personally, I would go for the longer runtime (X5/X5T), unless you emergency needs required longer throw.
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    Welcome to CPF! The incan bulb gives you throw. The KL1 gives you longer runtime (somewhat), and it won't burn out, like regular bulbs do. Personally, I would say the KL1 would be better for EDC. However that sort of thing depends on your specific EDC needs. I EDC the Infinity Ultra, since it...