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    A trigger switch LED light

    UniqueFire UF-T18
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    Nitecore DS1, ES1, ES2, TM11

    I'm really liking the looks of the DS1, ES1,& ES2.
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    Our evolving brick-and-mortar selections

    I see the same thing in the Houston area Fry's stores. It's like shopping at Walmart :sigh: You have to dig through their stock to find one that hasn't been previously fondled or returned.
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    Bad Review for Romisen RC-T6

    But it's a good mod host. How about 4300 lumens from 6 P7 Leds?
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    typical newbie "suggest a flashlight" thread

    I have one of those. It's junk. Notice their picture looking straight into the front of the light- the emitter is way off center. That's because the reflector is thin plastic and does not have anything holding it in place inside the head. The misalignment between the LED and reflector makes for...
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    What Have You Done This Week LED Light-wise???

    What LED lights have you bought? Shiningbeam L-Mini with turbo head. Zebralight SC30W. 4 Sevens Quark Mini 123. What batteries have your bought for your LED lights? None. Pretty well stocked up already. Have you modded your LED lights? What did you do? Swapped a warm emitter into...
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    Bad Review for Romisen RC-T6

    Look here.
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    typical newbie "suggest a flashlight" thread

    If you want to run your standard AA cells and you want a chance to try different beam profiles and user interfaces economically, you should get a Dereelight Javelin. It runs on 2 AA cells d has interchangeable P60 type light engine/reflector pill assemblies. There are many P60 style pills that...
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    What is your prefered start up brightness?

    +1 My dog walking lights all start on high, but my bedside lights all start on low. Although I do keep a direct drive P7 next to the bed for bump-in-the-night use.
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    Magnet flashlight? and both sell a few Tank007 brand lights with magnetic tails. Reviews seem pretty good. Here is one of them from dealextreme. I have seen AA versions and 123 versions. I haven't ordered one yet, but I will soon.
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    Zebralight SC30 Review (w/pics, runtimes & indoor comparo beamshots)

    I don't much like the pocket clip either, but the accidental turn on problem is easily overcome by twisting the tailcap 1/2 turn before you stick the light into your pocket. I got into that habit with my Nitecore Smart PD lights so it's not a big deal to me.
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    rrt-1 rrt-2 budget copy

    I love saving money, but the Ultrafire lights I have purchased so far have been a total waste of money. They are the lowest quality of all my lights with loose, crappy machining and really terrible electronics. I've modded a few with better drivers, but they still have loose fitting heads...
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    Lumapower Encore is too delicate for normal use

    The toughest light I own is my Dereelight C2H. Mine is covered with scrapes and dents. It's hit the cement floor more times than all my other lights combined. That smooth body just slips right out of my hand. But it still works flawlessly.:thumbsup:
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    Looking for a tripod desk lamp

    DX and KD sell a few Tank007 lights that look like what you want.