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    Incan vs LED?

    For awhile now I'm back to carrying Fivemega's E head E tail in 18350. I have two I use with beat up Elite heads and z68 TN tails, set up lo-hi, so I set one up with MN02 and one with T.customs' socket w/ A3712, and I usually carry one Surefire diffuser with them. With Keeppower IMR18350...
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    Malkoff MDC 2xAA review

    I found Malkoff bodies will crush Eneloops in both the 1AA and 2AA, but this is with incan Elite heads (which may or may not matter). Do all the Eneloops you've used in it have slightly crushed buttons?
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    Mc Clicky

    I have never seen McClicky criticism before today. Good thread. In defense, it is said that McClicky "lasts longer" than OEM Surefire clickies, but I think this is a misinterpretation of the fact that McClickies will take more amps than OEM SF before catching on fire or whatever happens, which...
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    I think these links should get you started AliExpress "replace Surefire" search Ti 3P clone Cu 3P clone z41 clicky clone z32 clone I found these interesting for the price. E2 body clone E1 body clone
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    whats features mean the most to you in flashlights?

    1) constant current circuit 2) single emitter with decent color rendition, color temperature & tint 3) regulation, for constant brightness 4) cell chemistry compatibility, best if chemistry agnostic 5) forward clicky or momentary twisty 6) sublumen mode(s) 7) body with threads exposed screws...
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    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    There are three I won't part with 1) incan E, in every configuration I can get my hands on. When I came in here in 2014, it was the very first recommendation I was given. I was raised in natural light, and though LED is efficient and their light quality has gotten very close, to this day no...
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    Red light and pests

    I catch as many as I can in a jar and walk them to the outskirts of my yard where they get tossed over the fence to the vacant lot next door. The ones I can't safely capture (noseeums) get the vacuum, but same thing, over the fence. There was a moth nursery here when I moved in. Hasn't been a...
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    Red light and pests

    That's probably by the design of that particular zapper. The most common ones you see hanging in back yards decimate populations. It's unfortunate and sounds inconvenient that there was some kind of moth event on your lawn. But whomever put your lawn there may have put it in the wrong place, so...
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    Surefire anodizatatiating and E tailcap brain swaps

    I lego constantly, esp. tailcaps. Only so many of one task in each category of tactical v. tailstand or battery configs. Heads (all incan) are pretty much married to their body. I'm using SF clickies incorrectly, giving up momentary the switch stays activated, and I only use as twisty. Anyway...
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    Tad Customs Questions.

    Thank you for the Mag primer, bykfixer. That all makes sense, A3712 is nothing like MN01, different voltages and amps, but maybe it is closer to MN03 (which A4812 is closest to). And there was a problem with the A3012, which would have been close to MN01 (but brighter with less runtime, MN01, I...
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    wtb (in the future) LeeF M/C 3 cell

    I don't know what it is officially called, 18mm tube LeeF M head, C tail, that would fit 3x18350 or 2x18500 Found someone else's images, Pretty sure this is it. Please be aware, no matter the price, I can't afford it at the moment. But I thought maybe it wasn't a bad idea to start early for...
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    Tad Customs Questions.

    Thanks bykfixer. Can I just link to a bulb search there? Maglite site Bulb search I wish I knew the Mag terminology, TL? TL3? PR? The way you talk is so jazzy, bykfixer. With the way you write, you might consider performing spoken word up in the fan, slip or bottom. ;) snapshot of...
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    WTB: Surefire z54 matte black e series twisty tailcap

    I have a flat black z61 clicky, but that's not what you're seeking. I, too, prefer the z52/z54 LOTC twisties. And it is disturbing how much even the "common" HA z52 cost these days. I don't understand how the inflation of the old parts benefits Surefire, because if they wanted to, Surefire...
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    Red light and pests

    If you shine a red light on a hunting mosquito, it will try to avoid the red light just as if it were white light, but the advantage of red light is it actually helps me see the mosquitos better. Mosquitos are not attracted to light, they avoid it; they prefer darkness. Regardless of what...
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    Tad Customs Questions.

    Streamlight lamps can still be had, but I hesitate spending $10 plus ship on a lamp that "should" work. If they were as inexpensive as Tad's lamps, it wouldn't be an issue. But I am living month to month, and $10 lost will burn me. This is something that really needs verified, and with images...