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    Sold/Expired Alephs for sale

    Guys, Sorry. Disaster again at house. Got all lights packed and will go out in the next 24 hrs or so. Electrician and contractor say all will be back to normal by Thursday evening. Will have internet and puter back and I'll be back on.
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    Sold/Expired Alephs for sale

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the color. Everything is in black HA. As for me, I'm still weathering the storm.'s aftermath anyway. We're still in the FEMA trailer and it seems as though it's getting smaller with everyday that goes by. I'm still alive though. Thanks for asking. Thanks,
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    Sold/Expired Alephs for sale

    ***EDIT*** After having thought about it, I decided to drop the prices a bit, since these weren't built to order and they aren't absolutely new.***END EDIT*** Hey guys, During the time that I was an Aleph builder, I amassed a small collection of these great lights, just because I could...
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    E2d with Pilas?

    CM, I remember that project. I actually passed it on to another CPF member that wanted to try to do something with it. CM is right. If you want to do such a mod, the best results that I've gotten are with the Strion bulb, but I'M NOT doing any more of those. What a PITA.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: modified McGizmo MOD luxIII head for E1e

    Cy is right. They were never really sold as a module. The pic above is showing a conversion done by drilling out the center post of the EXe head and then making a module using an eSink and eCan. That method utilized the stock reflector and is kind of dated. It was nice in its time because it...
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    LiPo power sources

    Hey guys, My son and I have been playing around with RC cars lately, and amazingly enough, I started using Lithium Polymer packs with my truck for the added punch and more runtime. As with lithium ion cells there are dangers, but just about all of those dangers are rooted in the improper...
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    Custom Brass light, Almost Done, then OOPS

    Don't feel bad, it could happen to anyone. I've had that happen to me. That's one of the reasons why I use collets whenever I can. Peu, I've done that once myself. Knurling after boring doesn't work with 6061, although I haven't had any problems doing it with aluminum bronze.
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    Which small reflector to use for max throw...

    I haven't messed with any of the 45's, but I did fit a McR38 into an M3 head. I think the Mag head is larger than the M3. I don't know why the 38 wouldn't fit into the mag head. I might have to get one and try this out with a 5W luxeon.
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    Help me mod my E2d to LED

    If you want something that doesn't generate as much heat as the KL4, and gives you more runtime and about as much light; you can convert the E2D head to accept an Aleph light engine. What I did was bore the head out to accommodate an IMS 17mm reflector. This little reflector puts out a nice...
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    1500mA Buck Drivers?

    Built many with a Downboy. It's the way to go.
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    Removing retaining-ring in Aleph-1

    For the particularly stubborn ones, I put the head in the protected jaws of a vice and use popsicle sticks.
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    What type of metal do you like for a flashlight?

    Well, I chose aluminum bronze because I wanted something stronger than aluminum. Most flashlights are made with 6061 and then anodized to protect the finish; however the anodizing does little to nothing to protect the light from drops. When I first started working with the aluminum bronze, I...
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    Both the Pila and the R123 are li-ion cells with a nominal voltage of 3.7, so the KL4 will put out about as much on the R123 as it will on the Pila, but the runtime will be much shorter. Actually, the Pila will do a better job of supplying current than will an R123, but the R123 should do a...
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    How to solder/unsolder?

    Yeah, whenever you're working with electronics, you pretty much want to get in and out fast. I use a 1.5mm bent chisel tip at 700F for most of my soldering. Desoldering from the pads doesn't require anything too fine. Not like soldering to vias or anything.
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    Change converter board for QIII?

    You don't actually HAVE to use the conversion housing. A little ingenuity can get you a long way. Well, that and the copious use of epoxy. I do have to admit though; I made a sammie conversion module for my QIII maybe a year ago, and it's definitely the way to go. I understand that someone...