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    Maglite 6D LED drop-in question?

    ~10 years back, I went with TerraLux Mini-Star 5 LED modules for my two 6Ds. They're no brighter, but runtimes are better and heat is less. I haven't used them since then, as they're just too big and heavy. Dinosaurs from a better time. Chris
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    I want a dual channel 18650 charger...

    2010 called and it wants its chargers back. The Pila was once ‘the king of the hill,’ but things have changed. It’s funny that you would single out those two? Chris
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    What's an inexpensive, but good 18650 charger?

    I’ve got three Xtar VP2 chargers and they’re top notch, safe and flexible, if not a bit long in the tooth and ‘probably’ out of production. Most of the top tier Xtar chargers are worthy, as are many from Nitecore, Liitokala, Opus and a few others. When it comes Lithium Ion anything, don’t...
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    Would you leave the Maha Powerex MH-C9000 unattended???

    I'd go to Key West for the weekend and leave my C9000 on Break-In, it's been that bulletproof over the past 9.5 years. As for my Xtar VC4 and LaCrosse BC-700, those are another matter. Chris
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    Xtar VC4S - How concerned should I be about the automatic current selection?

    I've got perhaps 15-17 Xtar chargers and while I'm not a fan of automatic current select, I have both a VC4 and VC2 Master-Blaster, which both do automatic current selection. I'm personally more concerned with low charging rates 200mA/300mA and either 1A/4, 1.5A/2, or 2A/2. I run a lot of...
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    Need help: Micronta DMM 22-167

    I have the Fat Yellow *******, 22-805. Going on 23 years and it works for me. I have a decent Phillips as a backup. Chris
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    1800 Mah NiMh AA's for $0.89

    Yeah, no they’re not. Buy an analyzing charger and get back to us. Maybe good for wall clocks, or remotes, but not really healthy enough for lights of any considerable output. Chris
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    What‘s your favorite headlamp?

    Black Diamond Storm (newish version,) an older Fenix (AA) HL30 and a Nitecore HC 50 (18650) jobbie. I rarely use them, but that’s what I have. Chris
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    How’s your Zebralight SC53 treating you?

    Why would you do that when the specs clearly state a 2.0v driver? Don’t be that ‘guy’ and blow your light. Chris
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    best non rechargable battery for aa zebralight

    Energizer Lithium Ultimates are really the best choice for primaries, as long as the host doesn’t go dwanky. Chris
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    Eneloop Pro & LADDA Long Term Testing

    All NiMH will settle a bit after they’re removed from the charger. Some chargers terminate at 1.47v (Maha C9000) and others terminate at 1.51v (Opus BT-3400,) so it depends? Also the health of a particular battery comes into play, regarding voltage sag. Chris
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    Welcome to the updated CPF

    Did individual member locations disappear from our displayed profiles? I think that keeping locations is a good idea. Chris
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    Surefire AA: What do you want to see?

    How ‘bout any type of AA light for $30-$40? Chris
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    hiya freinds lets talk light history!?

    Dietz lanterns, at least the modern ChiCom made versions, are between 8-18LM. Chris
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    What is your definition of a Practical light?

    For me, my EDC lights are lipstick jobbies with 16340s, have clips and disappear in my pocket. I’ll carry my larger SC600/D4V2, but those times are rare. I’m a city slicker, so finding Bessie out in her field at 2am isn’t a concern for me. Chris