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    Looking for Single 18650 dive light host

    Sure, LFlex from
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    CONTEST> Diving light design

    Have to agree with Packhorse... All the details you'd require have been posted within the last two years for multiple variants. I dont mind mind the bulk as much as PH and my latest design meet or exceed your ask, but I'll submit the build on my own terms and in my own time. Just off the...
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    latching piezo switch

    You don't give the switch model or LED details... at a guess internal resistance 3-24vdc is all well and good... but at what amperate .5A, 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A? I've yet to find a piezo I can reliably put directly inline with XML, Mg-t2, sst50 or sst90. Instead I use them in conjunction with...
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    Woohoo a production piezo latching circuit! I was getting bored with multi level anyway ;-)
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    This forum makes me so angry!

    KrameE, First off we all feel your pain. Many of us started off just like you, got totally obsessed and either decided the $900 light in fact had value, or spent a couple $K on equipment to prove otherwise ;-) So your list is a good start but: where's the can? and the batteries...
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    CREE MK-R J2 build

    Four squares would be perfect focus with a good aspheric lens. Now you need to de focus it just a bit to blend the image
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    CREE MK-R J2 build

    Heat sink in contact with water should be fine, better have a big sink on dry land.
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    Ebay "4000 lm", "120m" Dive Light.

    Congrats! ANd thankfully it was a GLASS lens ;-)
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    Source for MT-G2 on copper star

    Properly heat sync'd these have been driven 10+ Amps
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    Flooded light + Deoxit = no problems

    I recently forgot to fully screw down a lens and as would be expected the light flooded. I got it to the surface, popped the battery and let it air dry for a week and wiped the surfaces with alcohol. This was a Mag shell with an XM-L + LFlex + 32650 and a piezo. After a recharge quick wipe...
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    Ebay "4000 lm", "120m" Dive Light.

    And if that doesn't work... sulphric acid should do the trick without harming the glass.... just be sure of what your doing BEFORE you start and have LOTS of baking soda around.
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    Led 3-3.6V what to calculate with? 3.3?

    Modern cree LEDs are constant current, voltage will vary based on thermal resistance. While many lights have been built with direct drive (battery + resistor) many other use CC drivers. is a good place to start.
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    Battery pack repair - need some expert advice

    I'm not an electronics expert, but I did consider staying at a Holiday Inn Express last night. It would be cheap and straight forward enough to get a couple 18650s, then just replace them and test the unit. I doubt the amp hours are critical to function and instead relate more too the run time...
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    Ebay "4000 lm", "120m" Dive Light.

    I'd not give up on the lens that fast... As long as it's glass you have a lot of options, chemically. I'd try softing the expoy by soaking the lense in boiling water for however long it takes... 1, 2 3 hours... if it works it works.. if it doesn't soak it in gasoline Short of a hammer I...
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    Latest build

    The MTG2 looks huge on the star, but is easy enough to drive with the b3flex from taskled. I fried another SST90 at the start of the build, had the MTG2 sitting around and decided to give it a go. as for comparison with the XM-L... well you can judge for yourself. I'm so pleased with the...