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    Looking for Someone To Compare the Fenix E30R with the LD30

    If anyone read my posting from a few hours ago -- sorry, it was about the E03R, not the E30R. So I've deleted what it said. c_c
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    Long-distance visibility of single-color LEDs.

    If red light traveled farther than other colors (wavelengths), wouldn't white light appear redder and redder as you got farther and farther from the source? c_c
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    Why Not Use Rechargeable Batteries?

    I think it's more likely that some brands are claiming that many cycles. I believe that as much as I believe claims for battery capacity and flashlight lumen output. Genuine Eneloops are just about the only cells I've ever found that actually have their claimed capacity. But I've never measured...
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    Why Not Use Rechargeable Batteries?

    I'm using Eneloop cells in everything I own which uses AA or AAA cells, from clocks and TV remotes to flashlights and aviation headsets. I simply got tired of opening something and finding corrosive goo all over -- when it isn't welded shut by the goo, that is. For a long time, it wasn't...
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    [Review] Olight Warrior X - 2000 Lumens, 560 meters

    The only other time I contacted Olight support, they responded immediately - on Christmas day! I haven't seen a response to this query in two weeks, so it might have been zapped by a spam trap somewhere. I'll try again, but I'd still appreciate some other folks making the measurement to see if...
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    [Review] Olight Warrior X - 2000 Lumens, 560 meters

    The external contacts aren't connected directly to the battery, but to some internal circuit. There's no danger of short circuiting the battery via the contacts, just slowly discharging it. Using a protected cell won't change this. c_c
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    Olight Warrior X problem

    Thanks. I've just posted a couple of follow up comments on that thread and will continue there. c_c
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    [Review] Olight Warrior X - 2000 Lumens, 560 meters

    Nothing obvious, maybe. I measured over 9 mA of short circuit current. That would completely discharge a fully charged 3000 mAh battery in about two weeks. Modernflame, do you know how we could get a modified cap? I wondered why they didn't include a diode in the first place, but saw a couple...
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    Olight Warrior X problem

    I recently got an Olight Warrior X. It's an impressive flashlight, but I'm seeing a potential problem with it. After carrying it in a pocket for a short while, I noticed some very small particles of magnetic material ("iron filings") captured by the strong magnet at the base of the light. These...
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    Cheers to Olight

    My current favorite flashlight for night walks is an M23 Javelot, replacing the M21 Marauder I used for years. The assembly in the Javelot's tail cap broke and wasn't reparable. I've had the light for just under one year. I sent an email to Olight support on Sunday night, Dec. 23, asking how to...
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    Recommendation for single AAA red light

    Thanks! Do you have any recommendations for where to get the LED? I see there's a red LED version of that light I could use without modding, but apparently it's available only direct from China. So I'll mod one (or a JetBeam Jet-mu which I've read is also easy to mod) if I can easily get the red...
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    Recommendation for single AAA red light

    I'm looking for a small multi output level single-AAA light, similar to a Fenix LD01 or LD02, or JetBeam Jet-Mu but with red light. If there's nothing similar off the shelf, I could mod a Jet-Mu if someone can suggest a suitable red LED and tell me where I can get it. Years ago I modded a lot of...
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    Multi-meter Recommendation??

    I was assuming that the battery had rested at open circuit for a sufficient length of time for the voltage to stabilize. This might be 12 hours or more for lead-acid and a few hours for li-ion. I don't think the dynamic charge-discharge hysteresis is relevant unless you're trying to determine...
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    Having conceptual trouble with charging speed.

    Thanks, I stand corrected. The energy efficiency must be less than 100% but in some cases as you say, the Coulombic (amount of charge) efficiency can be 100%. At 100% Coulombic efficiency, energy efficiency is less than 100% because the average charge voltage is greater than the discharge...