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    Well, the first experiment is easy. Know where I can get some clingy colored gels to cover the lens? What's opposite UV, red?
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    I had the occasion to take a 4 mile hike on a local nature trail in the middle of the night to search for a lost dog. I had my Sam's HID and my partner was carrying my MAG35W mod converted to 6D and another off the shelf "2 million candlepower" $12 lantern. The HID woke and attracted hornets...
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    Shelf Life?

    I have noticed that alkaline batteries have a significantly reduced shelf life if the seal is broken. That is, if they are discharged a little and stored. Has anyone noticed a similar issue with lithium batteries? Some advertise a 20 year shelf life! It would seem to be a good idea to keep a...
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    Is it a switchblade?

    Yes,they are switchblades. They are somehow not recognized as such by the law enforcement community, but they are as much switchblade as my Microtech, Benchmade, or Beltrame automatics. Whether you push a button, slide a bolster, or touch a thumb stud, it's an automatic opening knife. Don't...
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    Mag35W for dummies

    4 cells were charged, left on tricklefor an hour or so, rested 60-90 minutes maybe. 4 cells were charged and stored for 3 days. I have a spring adapter with the copper spring bridge installed.
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    Mag35W for dummies

    Well, I got the 8AA-2D adapter today. Pulled the ohm reducing tricks and got it stuffed in to my host with 8 CBP 1650s. Turned it on and the filament in the bulb melted...not burning out with smoke stains and such, just melted. Yes, a West 04424. I figured the "used" bulb was maybe weakened...
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    Mag35W for dummies

    I really do not want to add it up. I am serious that it's better if you don't know. The turnkey kits at Light Edge are reasonably priced. They obviously do not have much markup. With the cells and the 6D mod I am probably approaching serious flashaholism, but the first step is admitting I...
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    Mag35W for dummies

    Hmmmm, 8 cells? 8 D cells? 1500 lumens for 2+ hours? I'll need another 2D extension...and I'll have to hire a light bearer. But I'll be able to cook my lunch. This forum is bad for me...I remember when my Nuwai 3 watt was enough for my morning walk. For a carry light, I really like the 2D...
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    Mag35W for dummies

    I have been lurking for a while and decided to build my first "hotwire mod". I chose the Mag35W because it seemed to be a nice balance between performance and stability. I approached the project completely green but with extensive experience in metal fabrication. The biggest trouble was...
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    What size rare earth magnets for MM & CBP1650

    I found that my charger needed 3/16 x 1/16 while my battery carrier needed 3/16 x 1/32. Get both, they're cheap.
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    Mag100 & Mag35W - very bright [email protected] Regulated!!

    I have been lurking for sometime and trying to learn a little bit about this home-brew "hot wire" flashlight modification stuff. To be quite honest, most of the information is over my head but most of that may be not yet knowing the lingo. Anyway...I have decided to attempt the Mag35W mod...

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