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    FCW-13 Camping / Flashlight Get Together!

    Tim, whatever happened to Milky Spit and his gatherings?
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    PF20! Flashaholic Get Together: NJ, NY, PA, CT Area +

    Scott, May we make a campfire on your property during the PhotonFest to cook steaks, etc.
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    FCW-4 Flashaholics Camping Weekend!

    Tim, Why don't you just update your first post with the attendance roster so that we don't have to read all of the following comments for that information. I am going to commit to a definite maybe for this camping outing, but only for one night - either Friday or Saturday. I want to break-in...
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    Sold/Expired +++ Cree XR-E R2/WG from only 7 USD each!!! +++

    I will purchase your four sealed emitters shipped Priority Mail. Paypal payment outbound to you. Thanks, Dave
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    Camping Get Together (NJ, PA, NY, CT area)

    What is your PayPal addy? I will send funds immediately. Don't make me have to write a check, get your mailing address, write that on an envelope, get a stamp, and then run to a mailbox to deposit it. We B in the 21st Century now! Yes, I am lazy. Looking forward to the camp-out! I have to...
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    Possible Pennsylvania get together?

    I am interested in an overnight hike. I have a bunch of new equipment to evaluate: North Face tent, Camelback BFM pack, Katadyn water filter, and my home-made pepsi can stove. Plus I have some Mountain House freeze dried meals and some MREs that I want to taste test. Dave
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    Possible Pennsylvania get together?

    I can always fit a Cabela's trip in... some fly fishing supplies, some ammo, and just looking around the place... it is huge! Choose a date and time! Dave - MilkySpit??? PF6?
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    Anyone try these E-bay 1xAAA ARC'ish copies?

    Ed, I did not attack YOU personally, only your STATEMENTS that you HAD premised as being BIASED. And, I suggested that you post those BIASED statements at a more welcoming forum. And, provided an example of same. This is an international forum, reflecting the world that we live in, as such...
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    Anyone try these E-bay 1xAAA ARC'ish copies?

    Big Ed, What is your base of knowledge to make these broad generalizations? What flashlights do you own? What do you know about electronics? What country manufacturers the 5mm LEDs in your ARC flashlight? Your feelings and beliefs are your own, but don't attempt to pass them off as...
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    Sold/Expired F/S Orb Ubin raw w/green tritium

    Larry, Have you ever displayed any photos of your collection here? With this acquisition you must surely own EVERY model of flashlight on the planet!!! Dave
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    Paypal -Need your help CPF members

    If it is a bank ATM card it must be linked to some bank repository of your funds, either a checking or savings account. Link your non-premier paypal account to your checking or savings account and by-pass the pp transaction fees. If you receive entitlements, you have the option of having those...
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    Choosing a welding helmet

    Wow, there is auto-darkening on welding helmets? It has been a very long time since I was a welder... the lesson that I learned the hard way is that the standard lens for Arc welding (10 rating) is in no way sufficient to protect your eyes when Mig welding (need a 12 rated lens) for long...
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    Best buy in tiny headlamps?

    IMHO, the best buy and best headlamp for the activities that you mention is the Photon Freedom light. It comes with a hatclip and necklace to hold the light. The hatclip can be clipped to your hat or clothing or just about anywhere and swiveled to direct the beam, and there are three small...
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    Sold/Expired FS Again: LED / Sandwich Alignment Jig

    Re: FS: LED / Sandwich Alignment Jig Fred, Paypal sent! Dave
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    Head2Head! LCK26K/NichiaCS/MJLED/LCK65K/LoV35K

    Re: Head to Head! 26K vs Nichia chimo, Could you please test these two LEDs in a common real-world application. Some of us common people would like to read the results from a common application such as from a two CR2016 driven light. Thank you for time and effort undertaking these tests. Dave