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    Best CR123 in 2022?

    There's only one CR123 plant in the United States, owned by Panasonic, and I think it's in Georgia.
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    I don't remember the name of a flashlight I sold. Help! I want another!

    Lenslight was a division of Chapman lights (a company that supplies Hollywood with studio lights). They are no longer made.
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    18650's gone?

    18650's are readily available on Amazon.
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    New Fenix Catalog 2022

    Doesnt work...oh well...
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

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    SureFire R1 Lawman

    The light came with a cradle for two 123's. Wouldnt be too hard to mod it to accept a common 18650. You'd lose the in-body charging, but it may be an option if a rechargeable 18650 is preferred, or the proprietary cell is no longer produced (and I dont think it is, though SF may still have some).
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    SureFire R1 Lawman

    It's an 18650, but soldered and engineered into that proprietary carrier. I've tried swapping a cell, but the amount of retrofitting made it not a fun task, and didnt really work out well.
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    Streamlight polystinger charging issues

    Does your battery have the actual negative (-) connection on the rear of the battery, or is it covered?
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    Olight Warrior Mini Stopped Working After Airplane Ride

    It was x-rayed....probably zapped something in the head or battery (if it's protected).
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    What happened to everyone?

    I'm third from the right! :)
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    Surefire 9an commander - battery replacement

    The battery stick used in Streamlight Stingers works in the old Surefires that used a B90.
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    Pocket clip for SureFire Fury DFT?

    The DFT is tough because of the body diameter and the new tailcap design does not allow the use of those clips that relied on the body of the light to mate with the tailcap. I have a solution, though. Streamlight's Protac HL-USB light has a removable body attached pocket clip. It snaps onto the...
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    The Surefire 6P used to have press-fit lenses?

    The early 6P's had pressed in Lexan lenses. Surefire would include a nickel in the replacement kit, and to replace the lens, you'd use a dowel or similar to press against the nickel the pop the lens into the bezel.
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    Surefire Fury 2018 dual fuel 18650/Cr123

    I think i found the problem...After receiving another tailcap and conducting several battery changes, I noticed that the retaining ring that holds the actual switch inside the tailcap becomes loose. Loose enough that the center ring and spring on the switch can connect the metal retaining ring...
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    Surefire Fury 2018 dual fuel 18650/Cr123

    ...and...tailcap three is toast...waiting for word from SF to send the whole light in, not just receiving another tailcap. The light was on for five or so minutes. Then it won't shut off, and the cap has the burnt electronics smell to it. Just for info, the light is drawing 5.4-5.5 amps, then...