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    where would you live if you could live any where you wanted?

    Right where I am now, I have my own piece of tranquility! Even when it rains we get rainbows to look at! None of us know what the future holds so if you get the opportunity to live your dream, then do it!
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    Binge worthy series

    Ozarks, Mindhunter and Narco's are well worth watching. 'Slow Horses' with Gary Oldman, only one series so far but thoroughly enjoyable!
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    i think i was kidnaped and left in England

    This is the closest that I ever got to Royalty! Princess Diana's funeral passing on the M1 Motorway, I am the officer in the yellow jacket on the right.
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    RIP Ray Liotta

    I particularly enjoyed his performances in Narc, Cop Land and Identity. R.I.P.
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    Living in Andalusia, in southern Spain, we average 300 days of sunshine per year. Last August I had a grid tied solar system installed that consists of 11 x 540w Monochrystalline panels. 1 x Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus 6kw Inverter. 1 x BYD HVM 16.6kWh Lithium Phosphate battery (LiFePo). 1 x...
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    18650 headlight/vest light

    Have a look at the Streamlight PolyTac 90 X USB and the Protac 90 X USB lights.
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    Li-ion "D" cells

    Below is a video showing the use of two 26650 cells in a Maglite D cell.
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    Reflective Tape Recommendations ?

    3M Diamond grade is used on emergency vehicles and is available in several colours, which are easily cut to size on a guillotine etc.
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    The Batman (2022) Flashlights

    It looks more like the Pelican 8060.
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    Sofirn c8f battery query

    The 18wh is the nominal power, similar 4000mAh versions are rated at 14.78wh so you have a better battery.
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    Sofirn c8f battery query

    Li-ion batteries are listed as 3.6v (they can be charged up to 4.2v), I think the 3.7 listing was probably a typo, you've received a 5000mAh battery instead of the 4000mAh one that was advertised. You have ended up with a better battery because it has 25% more capacity (runtime) than the 4000...
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    No updates and non of the usual big SF suppliers have them listed for pre-sale either at the moment.
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    HDS 18350/18500 Battery Compartment Pre-Sale

    Is there an ETA for the 18500 bodies? There is no mention of them on the HDS website and their FB page (HDS Systems Inc) doesn't seem to have had any updates for nearly a year.
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    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    I had carried a Surefire G2 for several years as my duty light, when SF brought out the P60L I upgraded, not so much for the slight increase in lumens but the increase in runtime, as CR123's were expensive and didn't last long when running the incan P60.
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    Surefire 3P upgrade

    Check out the Malkoff M31 drop-in's.