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    New Nitecore P35i

    Nitecore P35i YouTube P35i video search Product video Video with narration
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    Bright light to throw into bottom of pocket?

    Four Sevens MIni Turbo MK3.
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    Celluar phone photography-boon or bane?

    I love my iPhone 12 Pro Max and camera. The time lapse is nice at night. Day pictures are great and video. My wife was a professional photographer for decades using large format film cameras - Hasablads mostly and she likes it. She shoots better than I do on it, always will. I got a nice...
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    165 Watt, 4 C port charger for laptops and phones

    Satechi 165 Watt Charger $120 or about $100 with online discount codes I wanted to reduce the number of charging blocks I was taking on trips and bought this charger about a month ago. It replaces chargers for my Lenovo laptop, apple iPhone - tablet - watch, and mophie batteries. I’ve charged...
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    I bought my first light from them, a Tini2, and love the power and being able to get the reading on battery charge status and brightness. I’m going to get their bigger 4K light next since it has same readouts. I wouldn’t worry about the holding up over time.
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    [Review] - Nitecore TM9K 9500 Lumen, Strobo & Turbo Ready, TypeC - by Lock

    Hi - would like to hear any user updates on this light?
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    $15 Everstart Maxx 5W spotlight from Walmart

    I’ve been happy with the Everstart Maxx 2200 lumen spotlight light from Walmart For $45. I gave one to friends and they love it and use it nightly. Stanley has the same looking light for double the cost on Amazon.
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    Lights You Want Me To Mod

    Increase the current 80 lumens on a Taser Strikelight?
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    Wall switch for a ceiling pull cord light fixture

    Update - Had another pull chain light that stopped working so I bought another one of these and again it works great. I was wondering if both lights would work off the same switch, and they don’t but we didn’t want them to do that.
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    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    Please add me at 777777 Still love my Mini Turbo MKIII with tail cap and use it every night.
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    Most powerful EDC flashlights?

    I like my Four Sevens MKIII Turbo, bright and good walking pattern hanging from a neck lanyard.
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    Wall switch for a ceiling pull cord light fixture

    Good question, and when I read reviews, which were really good, there were some comments about switches pairing with sockets, so it is something to consider. The manufacturer’s web site has information on it. The easiest thing to do is buy one switch with as many sockets as you need in the...
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    Wall switch for a ceiling pull cord light fixture

    I upgraded a pull cord light fixture in our basement to a remote control light socket and wall switch by Dewenwils, and it works great and I even removed the pull cord chain. The switch has good range (claims 80 feet) so I can mount it at the top of the stairs and it works through the walls. I...
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    Now that’s a flashlight!
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    Corona Virus... the second wave

    Another vaccine phase 3 trial, this time for Novavax, is open if anyone wants to try it: