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    Okluma TinyDC

    Thanks for your replies, Jeff. Also, does anyone have an estimation of the lumen output? Thanks.
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    Okluma TinyDC

    Someone told me that a sapphire lens actually reduces light output. Is this true?
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    This is Inspiration

    Yes, that is inspiring. Just as inspiring was the videographer.
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    Okluma TinyDC

    I would like the titanium version without the clip. Are there any other upgrades? I just signed up for your newsletter. Good luck to you!
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    Brightest handheld LED flashlight

    Re: Lumens king It's been a couple of years since the last post on this thread. As of Nov. 2015, what is the brightest handheld LED flashlight? Would it be the Thrunite TN36 with 6150 lumens? Also, has someone verified the accuracy of the output?
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    Custom Flashlight vs. Sunwayman V10R Ti+?

    Thank you for the info. Yes, are triple LED's better than the single LED's? I don't know? I have now had my Sunwayman V10R Ti for 5 years now. I don't want to be a collector of lights. I am just looking for the one perfect light that will make my V10R Ti look like 5 year old technology and blow...
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    Custom Flashlight vs. Sunwayman V10R Ti+?

    I was just reading about the HDS Rotary and went to their website. I decide to customize it and here is what I chose: Custom EDC Rotary Item # CRoC325LsRfBsb18680FCno Description: rotary, 325 lm, sapphire, flood, svr bzl, blk bdy, 18680, flush btn, no clip. All in all in came in at $440...
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    List your McGizmo flashlights

    I just read that a McGizmo flashlight is a Holy-Grail flashlight for many of you on these here forums. When I go to the McGizmo section however, I get confused. I am confronted with old threads and very few photos. As of Nov. 2015, what is the Holy-Grail of McGizmo flashlights and why? Please...
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    Custom Flashlight vs. Sunwayman V10R Ti+?

    Thank you. I do love the simplicity of the rotary ring control. You just turn the flashlight and then twist it to the desired brightness. No manual or learning curve needed. Totally intuitive.
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    Custom Flashlight vs. Sunwayman V10R Ti+?

    Hello, I have been a member now for awhile. I often visit these forums to learn about new flashlights. My only purchase thus far has been a Sunwayman V10R Ti+. I am completely happy with it but I am itching to see what flashlights are now better. I have noticed the M11R Ti Dream with Trits...
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    Tri EDC Damascus

    Is it me? I think that a "Damascus" treatment on a flashlight or even a knife is wrong. "Damascus" is a fake applied finish which originally came from a noble japanese process of sword making. It took weeks to make a Samurai Damascus Sword which involved melting the steel and folding it upon...
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    Anything new on the Cool Fall front?

    Maybe Dave can figure out a way to engineer slots so trits can be installed in the new 007 without glue?
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    SPY 007 XP-G2 Sales thread #6 << CLOSED >>

    Request Please: Offer the new 007 with your own trits? Perhaps you can figure out a way besides glue to install them.