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    FL. CPF'ers, Hurricane a comin'

    Re: FL. CPF\'ers, Hurricane a comin\' My first hurricane! Woohoo!
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    How Did This All Begin?

    It's still mine, Joe. Sasha does a great job keeping CPF up and running. The admins and mods do a great job keeping CPF civil and on topic.
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    Does a light like this exist?

    Garrity also makes one. About $10 at Wally world. Don't know specs.
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    Happy 2nd CPF Anniversery Sasha

    Actually, Sasha got a peak at CPF before I opened it to the public. I don't remember her exacts words for the concept. But it was somewhere along the lines of 'rrriiiiiggghhtt...'. I couldn't suck her in then. I guess CPF had to be up and running for it to be attractive to her. As for Lee, I...
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    Thanks for all the wellwishes. Thanks for the offer on Sanibel. But we stayed in Orlando. Got back Saturday. It was springbreak week. I didn't want to go near a beach. But we'll head out again later to the Bradenton area sometime this summer.
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    Forget enganged. I am married as of the 22nd! We are on our honeymoon. It's messed upped with springbreak kids taking up everything in Florida. But it doesn't matter. We are together. I never thought I could feel like this again. But here it is. In light related news: I gave them both lights...
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    Introducing Trevor Nasko

    Trevor, it was great to meet you at SHOT. Good luck with the job. P.S. I'm jealous. You working in a flashlight job'n'all.
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    A poem (dedicated to DavidW and fiance)

    Thanks Strange theme/tone. Because I have a million reasons to move back to Alaska. And zero reasons to stay in Florida. It's like I hung around to meet her.
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    Thanks for all the wellwishes She is not a flashaholic. But understanding. I did give her a G2, Splashlite and generic keychain lights. Though there is a lot more to it, I did like the fact that she has more tools and fishing gear than I do. She said she likes flowers and candy like any...
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    [ QUOTE ] ps how did you propose??? [/ QUOTE ] I blurted out "Will you marry me?" She said "yes"!
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    Those who have been around since the beginning remember I am the originator of CPF. Sasha has graciously taken up the slack and has run CPF. God bless her . Back to the original topic: I am head over heals in love. I used to blame my absence here on job-related issues. That is still true. But...
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    Any Florida Flashaholics?

    OK guys. Pick a dark night, a time and a spot so we can get together and freak out non-flashaholics
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    Any Florida Flashaholics?

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    What's your favorite beer?

    Re: What\'s your favorite beer? "What's your favorite beer" THE NEXT ONE!
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    I Need a New Alcoholic drink

    Nectar of the lush Gods

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