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    MD-1 (18350) & MD-1.5 (18500) By FiveMega

    De-lux I will take :#04 MD-1.5 (18500) Black $42.PAYPAL sent
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    Sold/Expired Modifications to convert Malkoff MD2 to "MD1"

    Martin, are you still in business. Can you Make me an MD 1.5 if I have an MD 2 body sent to you? Thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTS: adapters/sleeves to fit ANY SIZE battery into ANY SIZE charger or body

    Hey Martin. Really like the last set of sleeves you made for me so figured I would put in another order if possible. Could I get 1x sleeve for 18mm body to 2x cr123, 1x 18mm body to 2x AA as well as 1x 18mm body to 1x cr123? Let me know if possible as well as price. Thanks
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    Malkoff/9P vs LF Seraph Turbo

    I would keep the 9p but to be completely transparent, the 9p is one of my all time favorite classic lights, not to mention they are no longer in production. Might be difficult down the road to pick up another if you wanted. The 9p has got to be a beast as a weapons light. I have a 6p on a La Rue...
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    Hey Don...

    I'm on Maui. Weather is nice. you can surf. Lockdown here is not too crazy. Going fishing tomorrow.
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    Help to choose single AA flashlight

    I actually have the Thrunite T10. I thought they are out of production? I payed $20 for mine. Awesome light for the price. Tried to get another one a few months back and could not find one for sale. I would recommend the T10 otherwise you cant go wrong with the D25A. Also want to add that I have...
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Fender Classic 50's Stratocaster Guitar, Made In Mexico

    FS: Fender Classic 50's Stratocaster Guitar, Made In Mexico Nice. I love the tabacco sunburst. I have a Fender American delux telecaster with the same finish. Good luck with your sale.
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    Opinions on HDS flashlights.

    Seriously? What about the Malkoff MDC line? I have the MDC AA, the MDC 1xcr123 and a 2xcr123 MDC body with VME head. All three are excellent option for EDC. All three tailstand. All three have a robust deep carry pocket clip and the single cr123 MDC is smaller than the HDS. Did I mention that...
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    Opinions on HDS flashlights.

    I wasn't going to go there but since you did, I sold all my HDS lights years ago and replaced them with malkoffs.
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    Opinions on HDS flashlights.

    The issues I had definitely where not subjective. I won't go into detail because Henry made it right in the end and thats all that really matters. Not going to dump on HDS lights. No light is impervious to having issues. To the OP I would say go ahead and buy one if you are truly interested in...
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    Opinions on HDS flashlights.

    I've owned several over the years. Also had a few that I had to send back so not sure I can say too much about their impeccable reliability. I will say Henry is awesome and always made things right. He definitely stands behind his product. Ultimately, I stopped buying HDS lights due to the...
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    Will you use Ozone generator for clothes

    I have a friend that used an ozone generator in her office. It will eliminate odor however it will also excellerate oxidation with certain materials specifically fabric. I specifically remember that all the furniture that had fabric upholstery was showing damage from the ozone. So I am not sure...
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    Sold/Expired looking to buy surefire 6p body

    Several can be found on the well known auction site and for pretty decent price. just bought a NIB 6p for $40 through the same site but your mileage may vary or you can go with a fivemega that is bored for 18650's. Good luck.