A techie who's interest include anything of practical application.

computers and any problems that need overcoming.
Akron, Ohio
I need high detail (color and texture) for 10 to 12 hours use.
Favorite incandescent light
Trash went out, so don't know brand.
Favorite non-incandescent light
Garrity 8led (2006) best ergonomic. Least trouble 2007 Energizer 6 led, good throw and 20 hours. Any 1 watt cree with narrow optics and 3-4 AA headlamp is ideal light.
Favorite Dealer
One where you can return overrated crappy lamps that don't deliver battery life or concentrated light.
Favorite Manufacturer
Not one, yet, who delivers a good lamp that doesn't need modification to use for 10 hours with good amount of light.


Some people are all lumens and no lux, while others are all lux and no lumens. Some just thank God they have neither.-- All of my lights have throw--some pretty darn far, into the garbage.