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    Sold/Expired M*g D Tail Cap McClicky Switch By Fivemega

    DeLighted :paypal: #34 HA Black $34 Transaction ID 0Y535966YP5541522
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    Sold/Expired WIB: FIVEMEGA COOLY 26650 D26

    Looking for a FIVEMEGA COOLY 26650 D26 What do you have??? Thanks :popcorn:
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Streamlight 20X with Malkoff upgrade, plus DC & AC charge cords

    Re: WTS: Streamlight 20X with Malkoff upgrade, plus DC & AC charge cords Do you still have the Malkoff dropin for the old magcharger???????
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Fenix LD01 stainless steel

    Still available???
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    Sold/Expired FS: 1000 Lumen XM-L T6 Maglite Mod With Voltage Monitor - Parts, or Complete Light!

    Are you still selling the XM-L Maglite 'Stubby' kit? Thanks
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    Original Surefire A2 Aviator - worth upgrading anymore?

    I looked at his site and reviewed his selection of lamps. You recommend the 3712 bulb. Any comments on the A3718 w/140 lumen with only 1/3 more current draw (.6a) How long does your A3712 last on a set of batteries? Thanks
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    Sold/Expired 32650-32700 P60 (D26) by fivemega

    I have some 32650 protected cells that measure 69.15, will they fit in a 32650 body? I would buy a 32700 but you are out. Thanks
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    1x26650 & 2x26650 $urefire C head By Fivemega

    DeLighted :paypal: for #09 Brushed matte silver nickel plated 1x26650 $63 Copper brushed nickel plated head $38 Extra McClickieSwitch $ 8 Extra Black Boot $ 1 Extra Orange Boot...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Rechargeable batteries. 26650, 17670, 17650, 16500 EFEST, AW, EAGTAC

    I'll take 4ea AW 17670. Send PP info. :grin2:
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    Sold/Expired WTB Fenix LD01 / Fenix LD01 SS

    Does anyone have any Fenix LD01 or LD01 SS that they would sell? Please let me know. Thanks, Kent
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: <Price Drop> Fenix LD01 Stainless Steel - Like New condition

    Is it still available??
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    Sold/Expired Wide/Deep 2x18650 M*g C Tail cap

    $28.10 :paypal: for: 1 #87 Scalloped W/D tail cap $24 Shipping $3.50 Paypal Credit $1.10 Total $28.10 CPF handle: DeLighted
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    !!!PICTURE!!! P60 THROWER Drop in Cree XRE-R2 EZ900 Small Die High Surface Brightness

    Re: vinhnguyen54 P60 THROWER Drop in Cree XRE-R2 EZ900 Small Die High Surface Brightn I'll take one also. 1) $38 EZ900 XRE-R2, Choice of SMOOTH or OP reflector, 1.8A High-Medium-Low with memory. 3-4.2VMax:twothumbs Do you want me to PP you now? How long before you have some more build...
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    Sold/Expired The Ultimate Tailcap Switch, the FETtie, for Z41 and variants.

    Hi, I have a Leef U2 Body and Leef Tailcap. The switch in the tailcap is broken. Will this switch fit in this Leef tailcap?:thinking: Also will it fit in and replace Vital Gear FB1 switch? Thanks, Kent
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    Sold/Expired FS: SOLD ... COOLY 26650 D26 P60 Host By FiveMega

    Re: FS: Reduced ... COOLY 26650 D26 P60 Host By FiveMega I'll take it. :takeit: Kent :paypal: