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    need help detecting cat urine =[

    As a former carpet cleaner, let me offer this advice: Kill the cat. Now. Don't wait. Despite what some products claim, cat urine is nearly impossible to get all the way clean. You'll end up having to pull pad, carpet, seal the floor, and replace the carpet and pad. I look at it this way. I am...
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    new inova k series

    Such Hype! You know that it will never live up to it now. Besides, it looks Fugly, to say the least.
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    4sevens EX10 (1xCR123A) and D10 (1xAA), ETA end of June - Teaser pic!

    The one kinda looks like a Civictor.... I'm glad 4Sevens picked them up. Looks like them and TADgear had a falling out. I liked the looks of the last one they just put out. Never was intrested in the other...seems like a goofy UI to me, esp being so used to Fenix's as I am.
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    4sevens EX10 (1xCR123A) and D10 (1xAA), ETA end of June - Teaser pic!

    Oh. My. Gawd. It's like CSI: CPF in here now (cue music: Whooooooo are you? Who-oo, oo-oo I really want to know....). What will you do when this light is no longer a secret?
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    4sevens EX10 (1xCR123A) and D10 (1xAA), ETA end of June - Teaser pic!

    Hmmm.....I wonder if he is going to kill the Fenix-Store name and just keep it as a forwarding address for the next year... Either way, it looks like it's going to be sweet!! You can't have a grand opening without a contest or giveaway! *AHEM* :popcorn:
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    Just got my Fenix L2D Q5

    Now you need the forward-clicky from Fenix-Store. Makes it great!!
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    What type of bag/man purse do you cary your flashlights in?

    I'm 35 and I typically have my LG EnV2 Cell in a Maxped phone holster, and usually have a 4" Maxped Tube sheath for my L2D. The rest (wallet/Knife) goes in pockets. If I don't have the L2D, it's something more low profile I can stick in a front pocket. My bag only goes with me to my place of...
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    What type of bag/man purse do you cary your flashlights in?

    I use a Minebag from Added to it: Spec-Ops Shoulder Strap (the included one is a tad short) Maxped Shoulder Strap Pad Velcro ID shingle from Maxped 4" Tube Sheath from Lighthound Glow-Pulls from Lighthound Patches from TADgear It's a perfect sized and easily...
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    Help with a dead Cree C3 Flashlight.

    Not sure, But I seem to remember reading on here somewhere that C3's have a bad reputation of going to hell when dropped......
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    Fenix TK10 a Good Choice?

    I love my TK10. I hate carrying it. I only take it out on investigations, otherwise it stays on nightstand duty. My Main EDC light for the past 2 years has been a Fenix L2D...probably the most versatile AA flashlight I have ever seen. If you get the TK10, take whats left of that $100 and get...
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    High-Pressure Xenon LED

    This thing makes your normal flashlights look like kids toys! And the batteries last longer too since it is a High-pressure LED! It is also water-proof down to 3 whole feet! And made out of solid metal! NOT PLASTIC! Get yours now...
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    Other than anodizing...anyone use other coatings?

    Ummm...I googled that and it appears to be a lubricant.
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    Other than anodizing...anyone use other coatings?

    Gun-kote is basically the same thing as Duracoat...except Duracoat doesn't need to be baked. I think I'm going to break down and just get the Duracoat.
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    Other than anodizing...anyone use other coatings?

    I've looked at Duracoat, and some of these fancier spray coatings by the spray paint at Lowes. Is there anything anyone here used anything to dress up or re-finish lights that they like?
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    got a little $$ want a new 1X123 light....

    If you feel like doing an emitter swap I can tell you the best under $20 1X123 light I have ever seen: The Romison RC-V4. It's a P4, but on RCR123's it is BRIGHT, and the beam is kick-***. It ALMOST looks as bright as my Q5 lights. I'm modding mine...I shaped a strike bezel, took off the...