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    Rechargable Flashlight for Rural Yard Use?

    Zebralight SC64C LE - hard to beat this great light. Also, Lumintop FW3A TRIPLE XP-L HI 3D 5000k Neutral. Another great light.
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    What's your favorite UI design on flashlights?

    Electronic side switch, with Anduril user interface: the best!
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    Rechargable Flashlight for Rural Yard Use?

    Incredible powerhouse for a rural property. Lights up my acreage like daylight! Wide beam and THROWS too! Runs on a rechargeable 26650. (I know, not 18650, but this light is well-worth buying a couple of 26650s!). Incredible output for property on acreage. Emisar D4S v2 26650 High Power LED...
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    Lumintop FW21vn Pro - 21700 Compact Powerhouse R

    Wow... what a beauty!
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    Lumintop FW21vn Pro - 21700 Compact Powerhouse R

    I have a stock FW21 Pro (NOT Wayne's vn version). Does anyone know what the color temp is with the XHP50.2 emitters in this? 5000k? Or 6500k? The color temp is ok for me, but my only quibble with the XHP50.2 is the green corona around the hotspot is a little irksome, though it isn't terribly...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    As if I really NEED any more lights! :rolleyes: Recently received a Lumintop FW3A which led to an Emisar/Noctigon KR4, and then to Emisar D4v2 and D4Sv2 - WOW, what incredible lights these are! Beautifully made, incredibly potent, great tints and beam quality, fantastic features, and Anduril...
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    Color temp and resultant atmospheric reflection (glare)

    I've noticed that when there is a lot of particulate in the air, my cool white lights produce a lot of glare, reflecting back off the air particles. Whereas with my warm temp lights, I see very little glare produced by the light reflecting back off of airborne particulate matter. What is it...
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    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    I’ll go first. -Warm tint (it’s going to be used around-the-house, and close-quarters; warm tint is the most pleasing and natural looking to me) -High CRI (well, of course… why wouldn’t you want high CRI?) -Floody (I’m not expecting to use the light to light-up distant objects; it will be used...
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    Many thanks, Jon!
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    Jon... I watched a video on reflowing an LED and I'm fine with doing that. One question on that, though, when you put the solder paste on the MCPCB board contacts, before setting the LED on top, wouldn't the solder paste, when heated to flow, liquified short out across the + and - contacts on...
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    Modding a D10 Tribute with a Nichia 219 HCRI emitter [pic heavy]

    Excellent info in this thread - thanks to all. Following info here I just replaced the XR-E in my D10 R2 with a domeless XP-L HI V2 5A2, which came from Mtn Electronics on a 16mm diameter MCPCB. Fit like a glove. Well-centered. Wonderful floody, warmish beam. Major improvement over the cold...
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    I found an XP-L HI V2 5A domeless emitter, that I bought a few years ago from Mtn. Electronics. On a 16mm MCPCB. I decided to take the plunge with the green driver I posted above. Desoldered the XP-E MCPCB, popped it out, dropped in the XP-L HI V2 5A (domeless) emitter, soldered it up, and...
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    Lumintop FW3A - 3D - wow, just WOW

    Most welcome, my friend. Some people may laugh at Candle mode, but for those of use who enjoy low-light, ambient mood lighting (for meditation, or in the bedroom, wherever) - Candle mode is awesome - especially with a very warm emitter choice. Another very cool product for candle light...
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    Wow... I guess I need to get a lot more familiar with reflowing! I do understand the reluctance to doing such tiny soldering work. I've done a LOT of soldering work modding my guitars, but the connections are in much more open confines and making larger-size solder connections.
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    Fantastic, 9mm! Thanks for the great info! Color me .40S&W! :)