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    Ultra capacitor for bike LED light

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has attempted or created a light using ultra capacitors instead of batteries. I really don't know a lot about them and am not very electronics-smart so if anyone has anything to say on the subject, I would really appreciate it. Here is an example of a flashlight...
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    Mr16 LED to replace 20 watt halogen

    If you like the tint of halogen you might not like the LED lights. I'm not sure you'll find a P7 in that tint.
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    Triple R2 Concept

    I like the second one. If you could point the top one high and control it separately (as a high beam on a car) would be awesome. I'd go with 80 degree optics on the high beam and 100-130 on the bottom 2 so you can flood better right in front of the bike. You could also use a P7 on the high beam...
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    CatEye HL-EL700RC Triple Shot - review & mod.

    Sorry, I wasn't familiar with the MC-Es as I've only used SSC LEDs so far. I see that the MC-Es are similar to the SSC P7s. Those wouldn't work in this. You need bigger reflector or optics and the LED is much bigger than the original. The plastic piece I mentioned is the one holding the LEDs...
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    Helmet lights

    You'd really only want to use a helmet light off-road where it is very helpful to be able to see where your head points. As long as you don't have the light point out straight, I don't see why they would be illegal. I'd compare that with fog lights or lights mounted on top of SUVs. Also, on the...
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    CatEye HL-EL700RC Triple Shot - review & mod.

    Re: Double Shot with MC-Es? With the SSC P4s I used Kathod reflectors which I got from Photon Fanatic. I just had to skip on the plastic pieces that hold the LEDs in place because the Kathod reflectors, which are longer than the stock optics, are perfect for the task. I used 2 smooth reflectors...
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    CatEye HL-EL700RC Triple Shot - review & mod.

    The manufacturer switch is wired between the LEDs and the driver. If you had a smart driver that has multiple modes you'd want the switch between the driver and the battery because a short disconnect to the driver changes modes. At deal extreme they have a 4$ "circuit board" which I used in a...
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    CatEye HL-EL700RC Triple Shot - review & mod.

    Wiring the buck puck in the same spot as the old driver was easy and it fits well in the pouch as it is pretty small. I got the 1 Ah BuckPuck that has the external wires and a potentiometer. I also made a hole in the pouch through which I put the top part of the potentiometer which can be...
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    CatEye HL-EL700RC Triple Shot - review & mod.

    Did this upgrade with a 1000 mAh buck puck, SSC P4s, and Khatod reflectors and here is a beam shot:
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    A bike light I built for my Helmet

    Added a cable cover:
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    A bike light I built for my Helmet

    I made some upgrades to the light and here they are: Upgraded the optics to reduce the beam to 80 degrees from 130 Upgraded the power switch Since the new optics have a dome that sticks out a little, the light reflects off the blue heat sink. The new beam and the light.
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    LiPo for Bike lights?

    I've evaluated them for my DIY light and they are expensive and heavy. To compare, 4 LiIon cells in series give you 14.8 volt up to 3 Ah for 30$. A LiPo battery pack with the same specs costs ~120$ and is heavy.
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    SuperFire W-3 Cree Q5-WC 230-Lm LED Bike/Flashlight.

    Pretty good idea on making the charger for the battery pack. Did you solder the wires in the battery pack? Are the batteries connected serially? How long do they take to charge? Do the LEDs on the charger still show when the charge is complete? I'm not very familiar on how the charging works.
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    A bike light I built for my Helmet

    The fins are attached with Arctic Silver Epoxy. They're not going anywhere :). As for the optics, I used reflectors and to keep the dust out, there's a plastic cover made out of packaging plastic glued on with household glue which is water resistant but soft enough to remove and install new...
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    A bike light I built for my Helmet

    I tested it using an IR thermometer in an air conditioned room at ~80 F and ran it for 15 minutes at 1 Ah which is the maximum for these LEDs and the driver. The temperature climbed to ~122 F at the area between the rear heat sink and the copper cap and then stayed there. The max junction...