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    Looking for a 6v lantern battery lantern, meaning area light, not bulky flashlight

    Howdy folks. Please recommend a basic generic 6v LED lantern(as in area light) for stashing around the house, and also for gifting en-mass to friends and family. I have a couple of these and they are nearly ideal for my use: Last forever on even...
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    Automotive Do you flash your high-beams at people with HID kits?

    I sure do. I frequently hear "No one flashes their lights at me so they must be fine." Just doing my part to make sure they know they're blinding the crap out of people.
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    suggestions for me in order not to have a regret life in the future

    Invest 20% of every single penny you make, from the very first penny you make, ever. The sooner you start the better, compound interest can be the difference between retiring when you're 40 or 70.........or never. Note: I use the word "invest" instead of "save" intentionally. Putting that money...
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    Automotive Installing Phillips Daylight 8 LED DLRs in a 2000 Buick Century.

    You guys might get better results by using a gentler approach and educating folks on what reality is, vs. tag-teaming the poor newcomers, picking apart their posts and telling them point by point just how wrong they are. More flies with honey than vinegar and all that.
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    I'm "selfish" because I don't want to have kids.

    Neat thread revival. 34 now, still no kids, both my wife and I have taken permanent steps to keep that from happening. Nobody has butted into our lives to tell us we should have kids in many many years. We ARE selfish. Kids are a pain. Some people think they're worth it, we don't. No regrets...
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    What would get you excited about flashlights again?

    I would buy that USB headlamp if it was waterproof and the cord was long enough to run to my pocket or belt. Count me in!
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    What would get you excited about flashlights again?

    A serious increase in efficiency would get my interest going again. I would get excited about a light that puts out 40 lumens for a week straight out of a 1xAA light. Not 14500, a AA that I can find at any store in the country. Lights are tools for me, my passion lies with things that burn...
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    Non-traditional wishes for the New Year

    I'm doing well on the resolutions. I acquired and tested an induction hot plate. Wife still doesn't like to cook. Got my wok technique down. Fast, easy, delicious. I started volunteering at a local high school, it's great for me and the kids. How is everyone else doing?
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    Automotive 7" round LED stop lights

    I will only speak from first hand experience: 1. My only experience with Maxxima LED products was almost a decade ago. It was with two 6" amber oval turn signals. Both had failed LEDs within 100 miles of being installed. 2. I have installed hundreds of Peterson LED lights. Zero issues, ever. I...
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    Non-traditional wishes for the New Year

    I wish to acquire and test a good induction hotplate this year. I love our gas stove, I do most of the cooking and the gas stove will be staying. Mrs. Bomber wants a better cooking experience and does not like gas stoves, not ours not any of them. Induction is the next runner up. I wish to...
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    Automotive Current best 6" x 8" sealed beam replacements

    I live out beyond street lamps as well. If your headlights fail again, throw on your right blinker. That will usually illuminate the fog line enough to keep you on the road while you to get the vehicle stopped.
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    Automotive Hella Yellowstar

    Thank you Mr. Headlight Man. These were going to go in the Hella 90mm modules that I've retrofitted onto my Dodge truck. I'll stick with the bulbs I've been using. Thanks!
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    Automotive Hella Yellowstar

    Howdy folks- Seeing conflicting info on the web on these bulbs, just looking for a thumbs-up or thumbs-down from our resident experts. Mainly: Solid German engineering, or tuner toyz junk? Are they road legal for headlights, and if not, what would be recommended instead? Here in the PNW we...
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    Automotive A question about Daniel Stern

    Hit or miss for me. Sometimes I get a reply back immediately, sometimes not at all.
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    Automotive Current best 6" x 8" sealed beam replacements

    By all means, carry on. I got the info I needed. Thanks again!