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    Surefire Aviator 2017 thread

    I received a YG Aviator a couple of weeks ago. It appears to be an early production model, with the packaging being the plain brown box. I haven't detected any flickering at all and there are no QC issues on my behalf. What a great reintroduction of the Aviator line though. Very much enjoying it.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Last LED I bought was the Surefire R1 Lawman close to a year ago. It's been going strong and sees plenty of use!
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    Post your Photos - Part 2[/url] Your images are too...
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    Post your Photos - Part 2

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    Canon 580EX II or 430EX II

    580EX II more flexible (literally) and powerful in many different ways.
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    SHOT Show 2012: Surefire 'New Products'

    R1 Lawman is now available! Tempted to buy one...
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    Post your Photos - Part 2

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    What's your ideal watch?

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    Malkoff MD60

    "Connection Problems" on his site :rant: :p
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    HO-M4a Wont Fit in M4

    Not a problem. :)
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    HO-M4a Wont Fit in M4

    It has to me with other model bulbs. Contact LumensFactory and they will sort it out for you :thumbsup:
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    Post your photos

    A few shots taken with the 135L
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    So I ordered my first batch of surefires!

    A few to a good home ;)
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    Couple of shots I took this morning. :)
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    bulb in used surefire executive?

    The colour of the base. MN02 - Blue = 25 lumens MN03 - White = 60 lumens