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    WTB Olight Baton 3 Deluxe Holster

    From what I hear, they have mail forwarding services. *edit* I'm way off! Do you mean the charging holder thing? (It looks like a stock issue.) Illumn (california), Going Gear (Georgia), Amazon seems to have them in stock. I can't remember all of my favorite Olight dealers!
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    Selecting Cordless Electric Power Tools

    I've seen a cordless lawn mower and a cordless weed whacker, they seem to use low powered motors, take a few seconds to spin up and use momentum to cut stuff. I agree about the power, but these things use new rules to get the job done. Voltage is electrical potential. If your device is using...
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    Decent keychain lights that run on AAA

    Thrunite still makes the Ti2 and Ti3. If you know it and like it, why not buy a couple of them? They are one of the cheaper keychain lights, too. The Nitecore Tiki is pretty nice, IMO. I think it's pretty convenient to plug it in every so often and not have to worry about it much. I gave a...
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    So hard to find a good high cri light nowadays

    There are some dealers that seem to specialize in High CRI models and I think they have some runs done by manufacturers with high CRI emitters put in them. Illumn is a good one. IlluminationGear is a good one. I got a Folomov light off Amazon with a Nichia 219d emitter because I never saw a...
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    WTB fivemega g4 bi-pin pr socket

    That's pretty sweet FM! I might pick one or two of those up. I have a small pile of Maglites sitting around that I could make a project out of. OP, I think I have one (only one) of these. It looks like the one FM linked, but has some corrosion. I'll have to search back to FM threads to see...
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    WTB Ra Lights Twisty (any LED)

    Sorry. I looked and I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere, but I couldn't find it.
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    WTB 4sevens Quark X 123^2 tactical/Sunwayman V10R Ti

    Hey, I found it, but I've been slacking on taking pictures of it.
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    WTB 4sevens Quark X 123^2 tactical/Sunwayman V10R Ti

    I think I have one of those Quarks, the Quark X 123^2 Tactical. It's in Neutral. Let me take a look for it. It's in relatively good condition.
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    I was looking at that. I'd have to read a review. The hook isn't included, but it has a magnet. Battery Junction says it has a 630 mAh battery.
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    WTB Ra Lights Twisty (any LED)

    I have one, 120 lumen. Did it have a Seoul emitter at that time? Let me look around for it.
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    Sold/Expired WTB S10 S30 M20

    Re: WTB Do you mean like this? (PM sent.)
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    Gyrfalcon All-88 charger - how the hell does it work?

    Here is what I do. Press the button next to the bay to choose which bay you want to change. The C~V button changes the selection from Current to Voltage or Voltage to Current. C.A means Current in Amps and is on top, V.V means Voltage in Volts and is on bottom. Clicking the slot button changes...
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    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    I've been belt carrying a Nichia RA Clicky since Illumn released them, that's gotta be 8 or 10 years. Still looks pretty new, I dropped it a couple of weeks ago and got the biggest ding so far. I've had a MJP I forget what it's called, maybe Extreme III AAA on my keys for 10+ years. The...
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    School Me on Eagetac D25LC2

    Check Illuminationgear. It looks like they have stock with a few choices of emitters.
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    Unique Titanium Closeout Sale!

    Russ, say it isn't so! Where will we get excellent products with excellent service when you leave? I guess I've been getting distracted over the years with other hobbies, discounts and manufacturers selling directly. It was great to deal with you and your team. I hope you have a lot of luck...