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    headlamp emitter

    what is annoying is that i specfically searched for CREE products and the chinese vendors keep lying about ratings and description etc. the chinese work very hard for very little pay so i hate to keep filing claims on them but either they dont understand english or just flat out lie about the...
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    headlamp emitter

    the star is very small has only 4 notches. the emiiter is encased under a convex lens with round white base. 2 wires. the star is dark (black ?) on top, contains letters : BG L FM16 (upside down) just under the emitter.
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    headlamp emitter

    yes backside of lamp. not much to it.. emitter mounted on the opposite side and a zoomable head with maginfier lens. is it a type of Cree? its sold as a cree. the square beam has a line seperating i/4 of the square and a small square corner of that square is missing. the photo is not very good.
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    headlamp emitter

    i bought this headlamp off ebay.. its says 5 watt but it seems more like a 3 watt to me.. having noticed certain trends by sellers there i suspect it is probably is just 3. it has 3 modes but i dont know that it has a "driver" just one fully encased chip...
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    LCD backlight LED conversion

    i saw a kit for replacing the backlight in a notebook with an LED strip so now i'm interested in doing it on the cheap. was wondering whats the best strip light product for that..
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    upgrade oldstyle lights & reflector science q's

    mod worthy? i think i posted this in the wrong forum ...could not see how to move it, so here is a link to it. thx.
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    upgrade oldstyle lights & reflector science q's

    Re: upgrade oldstyle lights & rflecotr science q's also while i have your attention,, i think these are Luxeons? i bought them thru a link here 3 yrs ago or maybe even more for a buck apiece which was really cheap...
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    upgrade oldstyle lights & reflector science q's

    hello candlepower doods, long time..been away. i have a couple of these i bought for $10 each on ebay after getting a great clearance deal on a Skil 18 LI-IOn drill and saw set. I have purchased an 18v Cree Q5 "drop-in" with the intent of...
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    would's 5 minute super stregth epoxy be suitable for attaching Luxeon leds to a heatsink. i dont want to spend double or triple that if i dont have to. my light projects are way over budget now and overkill it seems since i got a couple luxeon flashlights at Lowes for $2.50...
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    chinese "POLICE" xenon

    was wondering if anyone knows if my 18650 Li-Ion cells would fit in the tube. was thinking of converting one to Luxeon rechargeable.
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    need LED resistor help the red ones in the photo are like 3mm and the rest yellow and green seem to be a tiny 1mm? so i'm wondering what the volt requirements are to calculate the resistors needed. i know some leds are as low as 1.8v so i dont want to cook...
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    Stanley LED flashlight on closeout at Target

    would you have the SKU# from the rcpt?
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    cordless drill or saw voltage

    thanks for replys
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    cordless drill or saw voltage

    theres no semis or ICs inside these right? If i mod a 12v pack to a 9.6v makita should just give it a turbocharge power boost right..? oh.oh oh
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    Overdriving a Lux - how far

    that would be tube.. hot air rises and exits quckly.. hot copper does not.