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    Emisar D18

    Re: Emisar D18 Discussion Floody soda cans are great for lighting up the foreground when doing night landscape/sky photography. FWIW, I have noticed that the D18 heats up faster than the M43 in turbo mode.
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    Emisar D4

    That Emisar D4 Nichia 219C is one heck of a great $40 handwarmer. Just got mine and I love it.
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Yes, XHP70 (typo) - been told they both take custom pills.
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    XHP70 P60 Pill for UniqueFire 1508 or Dereelight XSearcher?

    Does anyone know whether either of these aspherical flashlights can take a P60 pill? Specifically one of the XHP70 3000 lumen P60's that have been discussed on CPF? I want a powerful pencil beam with minimal or no spill. Prefer to use 26650, but 18650s will do. Don't want to do any major...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Does anyone know whether a UniqueFire UF1508 or a Dereelight XSearcher can take the XMP70 3000 Lumen P60 pill without modification?
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    Is a 26,000 Lumen Dive light possible? They're really short on details but the light does weigh over 6 pounds. Daniel Keller, founder and owner of Keldan Lights, came all the way from...
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    The best 18650 batteries of 2015-2016 (3500mah+)

    Where are the reviews? Stats? Dimensions? Comparisons?
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    Black Bullet X - 1.000.000 Lux/Candela

    would there be any gain in output from using an MT-G2 LED?
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    Black Bullet X - 1.000.000 Lux/Candela

    Has anyone built a Black Bullet? What size lens did you use? (please see my post #110)
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    Black Bullet X - 1.000.000 Lux/Candela

    I just got my Trustfire X2 and a 78mm aspherical lens. I'm very confused. I tried to do a quick install of the aspherical lens just to see how it would work. The 78mm definitely does not fit under the retaining ring; it is too wide. Did I miss something in the instructions? (Yeh, I'm a noob when...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Does anyone know of a P60 host with a right-angle head? Preferably 2xCR123a or 18650
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    Test/review of 4Greer 18650 3100mAh (Black)

    Is there a significant benefit to using the 4Greer ($23) over a FastTech Panasonic ($8) if not in an extreme climate?
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    Black Bullet X - 1.000.000 Lux/Candela

    Which size Wavien Collar do you use? S/M/L?
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    "Blue Star" - Aspherical frankenstein light with 630.000 Lux

    I'm interested too. What might the price be?
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    My MaxLight 7x900

    Re: MaxLight Deep So, any plans to manufacture and sell this dive light?