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    Bi pin socket in a C cell maglite

    My MagCTower may help the heat transfer outside the body.
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    Need help finding a flashlight for my father.......

    Maglite, LED Mag Charger with Base - ML150LR, 1082 lumens, easy to recharge, tough as nails. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery will serve a few years without problem. Made in USA and less than $100.
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    Mag ML25LT runtime test? Anyone done one?

    Yeah, I got spare parts for my mod too. The led of ML25LT (XPE2) transferred to old miniMag Pro+ (XPG 1gen) The ML25LT 3 cell host used as 2x 18650 Low, Mid, High(1.2A)6hrs with nichia 219b right now.
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    Mag ML25LT runtime test? Anyone done one?

    It did run pretty well in serial 8.4V ~20 times (~200hrs) without problems. Until one day........ learn my lesson.:ohgeez: I used multi-meter to check the tail-cap current of it. The circuit/driver was fired instantly! :poof:
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    Mag ML25LT runtime test? Anyone done one?

    My ML25LT 3cell with 2x protected 18650 3400mAh (8.4V) runtime were 10 hrs without notable dimming.
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    As a Hong Konger, my daughter was born in the period of SARS, those experience burn into my memory. Our people treat it very seriously, like live or dead. And we do know how to interpret the CCP dictatorship news. If you don't, you should realize what is happening in your country by their...
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    UV LED to sanitize shoe odors?

    I am using "Gran's Remedy" for years to kill shoe odors. It works like charm!
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    Sold/Expired MagRing2

    Minimoog, Glad you like it. :)
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    Sold/Expired MagRing2

    Items were shipped, Thx!
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    Sold/Expired MagRing2

    Items were shipped, Thx!
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    Sold/Expired MagRing2

    It is still available. :)
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    Hope you guys can help me out

    I have Streamlight Task-Light 3AA, I think it is bad contact of the switch only, it is a small square black switch with 3 contact points. Try to take it apart form upper and lower housing. Do it slowly and take some pictures to internal parts spring...., Clean each of the contact points inside...
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    Has this Li-Ion battery gone bad?

    What is the CPU in the cellphone? I DIY a few external 18650 case wire parallel the stock battery. Snapdragon work perfectly :thumbsup: MTK not, it did not show correct voltage and percentage.
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    Beginner's Guide to explain simple LED flashlight.

    ceramicknife, should be better if install the bigger heat sinks at the back of the Chip on Board. firstlighting, no problem. :welcome:
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    Sold/Expired Forky SS bezel for MiniMag

    A few left only. :)