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    MecArmy CPL Watchband light questions

    I have one of these that I wear on a Casio Pro Trek watch. Fits surprisingly well, and is roughly the same thickness. Doesn't feel uncomfortable at all, or get in the way, and I'd forgotten about it when I went out for a walk. Useful little light too - being on the wrist, facing forward...
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    Poop Light

    Get a head torch - much easier to pick up the mess without having to hold onto a flashlight.
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    What are the top brands of Chinese flashlights in 2019?

    My 3 Zebralights (2x sc600w and sc52) have all disappointed. Both the sc600's have switch issues - I'm never sure if it will come on properly, so they don't get used. The sc52 doesn't work properly on NiMh, but seems to be OK on 14500. The last couple of years I've used (and relied on)...
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    Klaruslight GIVEAWAY*3 WINNERS & 50% OFF Opportunity for Any Klarus Flashlight

    I prefer the 360X3, but just worry about the switch activating the strobe accidentally, especially if wearing gloves.
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    Gearbest sub forum gone?

    Is it just me or has the Gearbest Dealers sub forum disappeared? Have they ended their subscription, or something?
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    XTAR 12th Anniversary Celebration

    Congrats Xtar. I'm in.
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    Is this 18650 safe to use? Slightly peeled wrapping

    I'd follow HKJ's instructions on how to re-wrap a battery here.
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    Klaruslight (New Release+GAW) Titanium Rechargeable Tactical Penlight Klarus TP20 Ti Release!

    I love the Multi-functional Titanium Rechargeable Tactical Penlight Klarus TP20 Ti. I also love the Schmidt refills.
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    GEARBEST Giveaway on its 4th Anniversary: Imalent DN70 Grand Gift - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Re: GEARBEST's 4th Anniversary Giveaway Blast! Just post to join! Only 4 years? It seems like longer since I started buying stuff from Gearbest. I really like the discounted deals that you post here - they always seem to be shipped the next day.
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    Nitecore announces a new AA light

    I guess the idea is to use NiMh batteries, like eneloops. Although alkalines are "supported", they won't give you turbo. Madness to use them, of course.
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    2017. 11.27th Gearbest Giveaway for Insta360 Gifts

    Insta360 ONE looks pretty cool.
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    Re: Gearbest's Discounted and Clearance Deals collection (updated continually)

    Re: Gearbest's Discounted Deals collection (updated) You were probably just a little too late (or early). C'est la vie.
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    Test/review of EBL AA 2300mAh (White)

    I notice on the site that these are shipped only charged to 20% "for shipping safety purpose", and advising that they should be fully charged before use. Does this really make sense for low self-discharge Ni-Mh batteries?