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    Flashlight ID

    Those were sold under the brand Romisen. I'm pretty sure I was able to gut the head and fit it into a D cell Maglite. It also may have been the single LED version.
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    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    Usually not my style but I like this one. And another.
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    RIP Johnny Nash

    I only remember him for singing the theme song for the television series "The Mighty Hercules".
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    Sodas: The Official CPF Soda Thread!

    Not regional but I do like Irn Bru and Ben Shaws Dandelion and Burdock :buddies:
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    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    Oh man I remember those polished lights.
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    Looking for info on Lumens Factory M series drop in

    I have a Nichia 319A version in my M3 and really enjoy it. I use it multiple times per pay and everyday at work inspecting equipment. I run it on one 18650 for ~ 2 hours of total run time between charges.
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    Surefire C2/C3 Centurion Questions - any input appreciated!

    Lumens Factory sells their own brand of grip ring.
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    Resistance is futile!

    Now that you posted that; I'm may have a Judco switch in my parts box :thinking:
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    Resistance is futile!

    I have a quick question for everyone. I put together a new light for work about earlier this year and it runs great but... I can't stand the Surefire Z41. At least not for everyday use. Here is the build: Surefire Z46 bezel + P to m adapter + Lumens Factory M3 Nichia LED tower + 6P body bored...
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    Sold/Expired FOUND : Looking for Surefire Z41-HA OD and Z58-HA OD in mint condition.

    Re: WTB : Looking for Surefire Z41-HA OD and Z58-HA OD in mint condition. I have five or six mint Surefire Z41 HA. Let me know if you have a hard time finding one from a US member.
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    Be courteous to the judge

    First time I've ever read someone use "pyrrhic victory" other than myself :rock:
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    Weaponlight identification help? (PIC)

    With a Streamlight Stinger.
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    flashlight holster recommendations for 1.5" belt?

    It would help us if you could tell us for which brand/model of torch this is for? Nitcore sells a holster for their Tiny Monster series.
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    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    Wow, both of those are great!